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The Surprise McDo Kiddie Party

Were you able to read my blog post yesterday? I mentioned in my wish list that I want a McDo Kiddie Party for my 23rd birthday. I got the idea from a friend who hosted a Christmas Party for us years ago.

We had fun games, similar to qqmacan, and were complete with party hats, balloons and kiddie treats. I really want to have one that’s why I wrote the following:

Turning 23 in a Kiddie Way - Love Ko 'Toh!

Turning 23 in a Kiddie Way – Love Ko ‘Toh!

MCDO KIDDIE PARTY – I want my very own Mc Donald’s Kiddie Party complete with party hats and balloons. I want to play games too with jackstones as the prize and yes, I want to see Grimace dance and clap his hands LOL. (Sorry Jollibee, Honey Bee. Had my Jolly Kiddie Party when I was six teehee)

Who would have thought that even before I published that blog entry, my Nyok friends were already planning a surprise kiddie party for me?!

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