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Digital Filipino Club Christmas Party 2008

The Digital Filipino Party last Thursday night is the first Christmas gathering I attended this year. The event took place the Yehey Office (38th flr of Discovery Suites, Ortigas). It is my second time in the said office and I am happy that they hosted the party that night.

The party started at around 6pm and I arrived at around 8pm (yepyep, I’m late LOL). Straight from the office, I rushed to ride at the FX and fought for my right to ride at the MRT. Though the ride is not really inspiring (rather perspiring LOL), I walked as fast as I could to the building and I found my co-Digital Filipino members there hurray! 😀

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The Nyok Syndrome

Last night, two of the most admired child-like Davaoeno bloggers Jehzeel and Winston shared their own thoughts on the word “Nyok”. 

My addiction to the word “Nyok” started months ago. It was the time wherein I first had a constant direct message exchange with Jehzlau in Twitter. The addiction was carried on until everyone else moved to Plurk.


Example of a Nyok Convo @ Plurk

Example of a Nyok Convo @ Plurk



When I am bored, I usually talk to the other Nyokers wherein all we can say is Nyok. For you to be able to understand and enjoy the goodness of Nyok, you have to say Nyok with feelings. How? It’s easy!

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Elation Buffet Launch – A Night of Chocolates and Shooters

After eating dinner with the usual Plurkfiesta suspects at Glorietta and eating Maki in Trinoma, Jehz and I went straight to Grand Terrace, Commonwealth for the Elation Buffet Launch. We arrived at around 11pm and we were a bit surprised with what we saw (in a good way, of course!). Benj was kind enough to warn us about the crowd (the party place was dominated by youngsters – alam niyo na yun LOL).

Thank God we saw familiar faces like Hannah, Shari, Coy, Fritz, Robby, Gwen, Tiffy, Helga and Jeff.

I went straight to the Chocolate Fondue then some  bloggers invited me on the dance floor 😀

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