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Trip to Marikina City

Marikina City is tagged as the Shoe Capital of the Philippines. I remember passing by the place way back when I was in high school since it is a part of our itinerary during our field trip and the “biggest shoe in the world” was all over the papers during that time.

Marikina Plurkfiesta

Marikina Plurkfiesta

Last week, Kuya Jay invited us to his hometown. I met up with Kuya Drew, Ate Aileen and Miguel at Gateway. Our trip on our way to Marikina was full of laughter and hELLuR pOwhz. We went to Pan de Amerikana and met up with Kuya Jay. The food is cheap and the place is really nice. There’s this life-size chess board and hanging bridge. It was my first time to finally talk to Kuya Migs. Later on, Kuya Marc and Ate Gail arrived.

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