The Surprise McDo Kiddie Party

Were you able to read my blog post yesterday? I mentioned in my wish list that I want a McDo Kiddie Party for my 23rd birthday. I got the idea from a friend who hosted a Christmas Party for us years ago.

We had fun games, similar to qqmacan, and were complete with party hats, balloons and kiddie treats. I really want to have one that’s why I wrote the following:

Turning 23 in a Kiddie Way - Love Ko 'Toh!

Turning 23 in a Kiddie Way – Love Ko ‘Toh!

MCDO KIDDIE PARTY – I want my very own Mc DonaldÒ€ℒs Kiddie Party complete with party hats and balloons. I want to play games too with jackstones as the prize and yes, I want to see Grimace dance and clap his hands LOL. (Sorry Jollibee, Honey Bee. Had my Jolly Kiddie Party when I was six teehee)

Who would have thought that even before I published that blog entry, my Nyok friends were already planning a surprise kiddie party for me?!

I was a bit emotional last Wednesday night. It seems like majority of my friends are busy and none of them asked me what are my plans for my 23rd birthday. I went to Promenade Mall and watched the movie The Bounty Hunter alone before I finally say hello to May 6. I was a bit sad upon seeing that I only received one text message 😐 I am happy though because my Plurk and Twitter timeline were filled with greetings. My FB wall was dominated by well wishers too.

I slept and woke up at 12noon for work. I received a text message from Ada, but she didn’t greet me a happy birthday T_T She asked me what time will I get out of the office and instructed me to just stay there. Winston asked me to check his newest blog post about Urbandub’s concert 😐 Only Beb Drew asked me what my plans are and I told him that I might just watch the Dingdong – Marian movie alone (charot haha).

Then Winston finally asked me what are my plans for dinner. Then Maki asked me if I want to watch Iron Man 2 (I want Psychology!). Then Beb Drew asked me to go with them but Ada wants me to just stay in the office. Now what to do?

Little did I know that they’re planning something special for me πŸ˜› I thought we’ll be spending our dinner together just chatting while eating in the usual restaurant where we always eat. Cai was not replying to my YM messages. Winston is stuck in his work. Maki said she’ll be in Makati but she’s not yet texting. I’m still waiting for the last page to proofread at work. I want to go out and just go somewhere, but errr… i iz confused LOL.

Childlike-Friends preparing the surprise kiddie party

Childlike-Friends preparing the surprise kiddie party

Then Ada texted that she’s leaving Marikina at 7:30 and we’ll meet up at Glorietta by 8PM. So there I went and found her. We were ‘waiting’ for the rest at McDo Glorietta when all of a sudden, one of my friends texted her to proceed to McDo Greenbelt 1…. which i find bit weird. Nasa McDo na nga kami, magmcdo pa ulit? I then thought that maybe McDo Greenbelt 1 is just the meeting place and most probably, we’ll eat somewhere along the area. Winston told me we’ll eat spagetti.

Then we finally arrived at McDo Greenbelt 1. I saw KB at the line but Winston is nowhere to be found. Little did I know that Winston, Cai, Maki, together with Ate Aileen, Kuya Jay and Miggy were hiding at the Kiddie Party area with their party hats on!

Kiddie Nyoks Cai, Winston and Maki = Corporate attire sa Kiddie Party LOL

Kiddie Nyoks Cai, Winston and Maki = Corporate attire sa Kiddie Party LOL

Hindi mag-sink in sa akin na naka-party hat sila. Ang cute ni Big Boy Winston LOL then I saw Ate Aileen, Kuya Jay and Miggy too! I saw Cai in her corporate attire (nuks tapos naka-party hat LOL!) and Maki in her new haircut and cute dress (na naka-party hat din hehe) wah ano iiyak ba ako o tatawa na lang? Wah KIDDIE PARTY!

Then I entered the room with a shocked reaction. They sang the birthday song and later on asked me to give a speech. Thank You lang nasabi ko lol. I think all of them were expecting me to cry, but i got conscious LOL tsaka hindi pang-emo yung song hahaha πŸ˜›

Haggard-Looking but Happy with my Chocolate-y Birthday Cake! :D

Haggard-Looking but Happy with my Chocolate-y Birthday Cake! πŸ˜€

Then I saw our McDo Meals, the red balloons, the party hats with Grimace’s face on it, pencil case and the chocolate cake! Earlier that day, Maki was asking me what’s my favorite cake. I told her i don’t really like cakes (unless that one in bridal showers LOL) but errr…. ok my favorite is sans rival and chocolate πŸ˜› I’m glad they were able to surprise me with a very chocolate-y chocolate cake with a candle on it (one year old! hehe)

Then we all ate our dinner (that’s almost 9PM haha lahat kami gutom LOL) so we were eating silently when all of a sudden, a violet creature entered the room… IT’S GRIMACE!

WAAAH SI GRIMACE!!!!! Clap Your Hands Ube Boy!

WAAAH SI GRIMACE!!!!! Clap Your Hands Ube Boy!

Like a little party girl, I screamed “WAAAAH SI GRIMACE!!!” much to the surprise of the party kiddos πŸ˜› I stood up and went straight to Grimace to have my photo taken πŸ˜› I also danced with him and almost everyone danced too. Wala lang haha angkyut namin πŸ˜› Mga matatandang aliw na aliw sa mascot ni Grimace πŸ˜› I dared him to clap his hands and asked him to follow our dance steps. Sayang, gusto ko siyang mag-break dance with matching gulong-gulong sa floor:P

I Love You Grimace! weeee!

I Love You Grimace! weeee!

He was able to dance two songs. Angkyut lang nya hehe waaaah ang cute πŸ˜€

Group Photo with Grimace!

Group Photo with Grimace!

We couldn’t stop laughing! I never thought that the Kiddie Party will be this fun! The last time I had a kiddie party was way back when I was six years old with Jollibee.

The Birthday Table with Winston's Cheeks :P

The Birthday Table with Winston’s Cheeks πŸ˜›

Hannah and Vince managed to follow. We were all reminiscing our DFAT trip (where we realized that 90% of the pictures taken had jejeposes on it LOL) and how stress-free the whole trip was. We also talked about some of our travel plans for the year and how we miss the DFAT people… especially Bebs haha (errr accomplice ka rin pala LOL)

Picture-Taking and Tawanan blues. Hindi pa rin ako makapaniwala na nagka-kiddie party ako at naisahan nila ako LOL. I had a feeling na rin na they’re planning something, pero hindi ko na-imagine na yung kiddie party yun LOL ang galing πŸ˜›

May invisible chikon?!

May invisible chikon?!

Cai and Mica

Cai and Mica

With Ada and Hannah

With Ada and Hannah

Bakit may Batang Yagit sa Party Ko?!

Bakit may Batang Yagit sa Party Ko?!

While on our way back home, the group narrated how they planned the whole thing. They were already planning through email even before i published my wish list hihi πŸ˜› Now I know why Kuya Jay said I must be patient because something bigger might happen within the day, Beb Drew insisted I must go with the Nyoks for dinner, KB was quiet all along, Maki asked me about my favorite cake, Cai asked me my work schedule, Winston asked me to give him a go-signal when i’m leaving QC and Ada insisted we must go to the meeting place together. Nasa Marikina ka pala ah?! Marikina na pala yung Greenbelt 1 LOL.

Here’s the video taken from the surprise kiddie party. Look at my reaction LOL!


Wala lang. Ang saya-saya ko. I am here in my room right now with the three red balloons at the other bed, the pencil case at my table and party hat at the chair. Turning 23 years old in a kiddie way makes me young at heart. Awts. Love Ko ‘Toh! πŸ˜€

Photo Credits: Aileen Apolo, Ada Lajara and KB πŸ˜€

Muli, maraming salamat sa inyo! Nyooook πŸ˜›


13 thoughts on “The Surprise McDo Kiddie Party

  1. Jeri

    hi mica. i am a fan of your stories! and i am happy than you received something like this from your friends! you must be really really nice coz it shows from how your friends treat you and how your stories give us- your reader a bit of yourself!

    keep it up! and hope to read more post from you. πŸ™‚

  2. Micamyx Post author

    @Cai – Love you more! Hehehe next time PPG Birthday naman LOL

    @Jonel – Oo nga eh. Tumatanda ng paurong haha πŸ˜€

    @Winston – Eh binayaran mo na eh. Wala nang bawian πŸ˜›

    @Bryan – Thanks po πŸ˜›

    @Maire – Sama ka sa amin next time!

    @Pagbasa – Woot! May 6 ka rin?! Happy birthday to you and me! πŸ˜›

    @Jeri – Aw thank you so much! I’m happy that I am able to entertain you with my real-life stories πŸ™‚ Keep reading hehe πŸ˜›

  3. drew

    Happy Birthday!! I was so jealous while Winston was planning it with the other nyoks. Good thing it turned out alright despite the initial confusion πŸ˜€

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