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Happy 16th Birthday to my Carlo!

He left the Philippines when he was about to turn thirteen years old. Today, he is celebrating his 16th birthday. I used to carry him at my back. Now, he is taller than me.

My dear Carlo Boy

Although i didn’t witness his transformation into a teenager, it is no question that my brother Carlo will always be a baby to me 😛 My stay in the United Kingdom with him, my mom, Ate Virgie and the rest of the people I met taught me a lot of life lessons. Carlo’s biggest gift to me is his smile and sincerity. He may lack speaking skills, but he truly knows how to show his love to the people who matters to him.

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Happy Mothers Day in England!

Today is Mother’s Day in England. I remember buying an advanced mother’s day card in Card Factory a day before I left England last month. Wow. I realized just now that it’s been a month since I left UK!

Mama and Me in Cardiff 😀

I miss my Mama Brenda. My decision to push through with the UK Trip late last year is something that I am really happy about. I did risk a number of things here in Manila just to embark on that trip and stay with my mom and brother for almost three months. My life there is occasionally boring (that is when my mom is at work and my brother is still in school LOL) but it is also life changing. I met some new friends there (mostly my mom’s friends too LOL) and even if it sounds a bit weird, i can say that i am already satisfied with a simple life.

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Life and Sunsets

Last week was a pretty tough week for me. No, I didn’t have any direct problems nor caused one. There are just some things in life that you cannot really control. Life is not a computer program where you can debug when you encounter some errors. It is not a full-length movie where you can edit out some parts that you find dragging. Life is a gift that we are lucky to have, no matter how happy or down we are feeling at the moment.

Manila Bay Sunset (January 2010)

I’ve been pushing myself to write a decent blog post or a short screenplay for that matter. I end up trying to figure out what I should be blogging about. I am eager to blog about my UK Trip, but recent events made me temporarily loose that happy momentum. It will be back one day. I just don’t need to force it. I also found some of my unfinished screenplays and I’m thinking of rewriting one that I started three years ago. The story is quite applicable to what is happening around me now. I can impart more justice to my main character.

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