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Happy 16th Birthday to my Carlo!

He left the Philippines when he was about to turn thirteen years old. Today, he is celebrating his 16th birthday. I used to carry him at my back. Now, he is taller than me.

My dear Carlo Boy

Although i didn’t witness his transformation into a teenager, it is no question that my brother Carlo will always be a baby to me 😛 My stay in the United Kingdom with him, my mom, Ate Virgie and the rest of the people I met taught me a lot of life lessons. Carlo’s biggest gift to me is his smile and sincerity. He may lack speaking skills, but he truly knows how to show his love to the people who matters to him.

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Homecoming Jitters – Random Thoughts and Realizations

Three months in England. Wow. Is that for real? Yes, I am on my way to my third month in England and sadly, I am scheduled to leave soon. I am having mixed emotions right now. Remember my blog entry about my travel jitters prior to my trip here? Ironically, I am going through the same thing. Now I call it ‘Homecoming Jitters’.

Wishful Thinking

Some of my mom’s friends told me that I should not go here in United Kingdom on a Winter because of the weather. Guess what? They were right! My body is not used to the very, very, very cold weather and I needed to adjust asap. Now I know that Gloves, Boots, Scarfs and Warmers are not being used for fashion purposes only. It is a necessity. It is not even enough to keep your body warm especially last December. I ended up getting colds after playing with the snow when I was in Cardiff, Wales. I literally rolled on the snowed floor in a public park. That resulted to my home arrest for two weeks.

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A Reunion Story

The major reason on why i decided to embark on a trip to the United Kingdom is mainly for my family. I think everybody knows that now since i’ve been telling that in some of my blog posts and social media accounts. Of course, the #1 reason would be my brother, Carlo.

We're going to Greenhills and dine at Jollibee (2007)

Some people might find it ‘korny’ when i tell them that i really miss my brother so much. You see, he is now fifteen years old and i am already twenty three years old. Usually, siblings of our age are not the affectionate type. In the normal setting, siblings with such age gaps are not that close at all. Most probably the eldest will be a bit reluctant to kiss her younger brother in public. Maybe hugging is already a big no-no.

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