Happy Mothers Day in England!

Today is Mother’s Day in England. I remember buying an advanced mother’s day card in Card Factory a day before I left England last month. Wow. I realized just now that it’s been a month since I left UK!

Mama and Me in Cardiff πŸ˜€

I miss my Mama Brenda. My decision to push through with the UK Trip late last year is something that I am really happy about. I did risk a number of things here in Manila just to embark on that trip and stay with my mom and brother for almost three months. My life there is occasionally boring (that is when my mom is at work and my brother is still in school LOL) but it is also life changing. I met some new friends there (mostly my mom’s friends too LOL) and even if it sounds a bit weird, i can say that i am already satisfied with a simple life.

Carlo and Mama in Rugby (my New Year treat!)

When I was still in England, I would wait for my mom to come home from work (usually at 10pm) and eat dinner with her. Ate Virgie cooks my favorite Filipino dishes most of the time (Pinapaitan FTW!). At times, we would go out and eat dinner at Wetherspoon or Harvester. I was able to visit nearby towns too.

I'm still her Baby Girl

See, my mom and i don’t have a perfect relationship. We never had a major fight, but we usually have misunderstandings related to my being lazy and no interest in vanity. I am not sure if my being Taurus and her being Virgo has something to do with it too LOL. I love my mom because i’ve seen how she sacrificed for me, my brother and my dad just to give us a good life. To be honest, the early part of our family life is such a tough one in terms of emotions. Instead of sulking and feeling sorry, I witnessed how she took it as a challenge to be a better nurse, a better wife, a better mother and a better person.

I am not expressive to my mom, but I appreciate her so much. She usually tells me that i love my father more than i do love her, but i love them equally naman eh! πŸ˜› It’s just that I think even if i am a girl, i inherited most of my dad’s ways (the good way haha πŸ˜› ). I am not making promises for now, but i will really try my best to give you what you want soon. You need to be pampered too. I am hoping to travel with you soon (why don’t you and Carlo visit me here too? Let’s go to Boracay or Palawan!).

Again, Happy Mother’s Day Mama Brenda! I know you miss me. Tiis-tiis na lang. Who knows, later on nand’yan na naman ang unica hija mo hihi iloveyouverymuch! πŸ˜€


6 thoughts on “Happy Mothers Day in England!

  1. Photoblogger

    aawwww. you and ur mom look really pretty πŸ˜€

    nagpanick ako when I saw your Mothers day greeting, I was like WTF!? I didn’t know it was today!! 0_0 hahahaha.

  2. Micamyx Post author

    @Hannah – Oo nga eh. Pareho rin silang virgo ng lolo ko and i see a lot of similarities LOL. πŸ˜› My mom wants to meet you na rin. Sama ka na raw sa akin next year hehe πŸ˜›

    @Photoblogger – Thanks Van! April 3 sa UK, pero second Sunday of May sa Pinas.

    @Pusang-Kalye – You read me well πŸ™‚

  3. Steve

    Mother’s day doesn’t happen for another month in the US. But I think it’s so nice for you to write a post on what your mom means to you.


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