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Way Back to my Hometown

My trip to Dagupan City the other weekend is quite productive even if I only spent four days there. Now I appreciate the importance of going back to your hometown and revisiting some of the important people who you were with while growing up. I went back to Binalonan, my mother’s hometown after three years of not visiting my relatives there. I am not proud of my sort of negligence of visiting them, but I think they do understand.

Tigpi-pisong tsitsirya sa munting tindahan sa Binalonan

A lot of things have changed: Some of my cousins are now devoted parents to their kids and our ancestral house has a sari-sari store installed on it. I bought a lot of junk foods that cost around one peso per pack. I spent Php15 all in all =P It is also nice to visit and appreciate the simple and relaxed provincial life in the Philippines.

It is also nice to exchange views with my older female cousins. We were there just updating about what happened to our lives in the past three years. They asked me about my former job at a controversial medical clinic, the Pinoy celebrities I met, my Pinoy Parazzi articles (they bought some copies yehey!) and about my non-existing lovelife. I am already twenty four and people are expecting me to settle down. Settle Down? Not now, I guess. With whom? That is yet to be revealed soon.

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Being Sick on your 24th Birthday

BDAY BACKLOG: So, I finally turned 24 last May 6. It was a Friday and compared to my previous birthday celebrations, i opted to have a simple one this year. Why? Because i am sick and lazy. Having cough, colds and mild headache on your supposedly special day will truly make you feel lazy. Prior to that, i’ve been unproductive online and offline. I’m glad that i am blogging now LOL.

I may be sick, but my appetite is still ok 😛

So what did I do on my 24th birthday? I woke up at 2pm, checked my online accounts to reply on some Facebook, Plurk, Twitter and E-mail greetings. I received a number of text messages too and missed calls. I’m glad that my family and friends took extra effort to greet me on my 24th birthday. Thank you again 🙂

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Turning 24 and Directing My Own Life

I’m turning twenty four tomorrow! Yikes. I am turning twenty four. One year to go and i’m about to say hello to my silver year on planet earth. I am thankful i’m still alive and kicking!

At the set of The 12th of June (July 2009)

To be honest, i’m quite bored. When I turned 23, i had so much positive vibe in me. I love being busy doing the things i am passionate about. Unfortunately for now, i am here in my room stuck the whole day trying to do something productive. I have colds and i think my ear problem is back. Aside from that, i’m bored. Boredom is a disease that kills.

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