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Happy Mothers Day in England!

Today is Mother’s Day in England. I remember buying an advanced mother’s day card in Card Factory a day before I left England last month. Wow. I realized just now that it’s been a month since I left UK!

Mama and Me in Cardiff πŸ˜€

I miss my Mama Brenda. My decision to push through with the UK Trip late last year is something that I am really happy about. I did risk a number of things here in Manila just to embark on that trip and stay with my mom and brother for almost three months. My life there is occasionally boring (that is when my mom is at work and my brother is still in school LOL) but it is also life changing. I met some new friends there (mostly my mom’s friends too LOL) and even if it sounds a bit weird, i can say that i am already satisfied with a simple life.

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Homecoming Jitters – Random Thoughts and Realizations

Three months in England. Wow. Is that for real? Yes, I am on my way to my third month in England and sadly, I am scheduled to leave soon. I am having mixed emotions right now. Remember my blog entry about my travel jitters prior to my trip here? Ironically, I am going through the same thing. Now I call it ‘Homecoming Jitters’.

Wishful Thinking

Some of my mom’s friends told me that I should not go here in United Kingdom on a Winter because of the weather. Guess what? They were right! My body is not used to the very, very, very cold weather and I needed to adjust asap. Now I know that Gloves, Boots, Scarfs and Warmers are not being used for fashion purposes only. It is a necessity. It is not even enough to keep your body warm especially last December. I ended up getting colds after playing with the snow when I was in Cardiff, Wales. I literally rolled on the snowed floor in a public park. That resulted to my home arrest for two weeks.

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Random Thoughts While Blogging in Wales

I’ve been staying in the United Kingdom for 10 days already. I am currently blogging from our hotel room somewhere in Castle Street in Cardiff, Wales. I am here with my mom preparing for an important matter that we need to fix here.

Commuting in London via Bus

My trip here in the United Kingdom is not mainly for leisure. To be honest with you, I’d rather tour around Asia and South America than gallivant over Europe. The main reason why i am here is a bit more personal – it is for my family.

Those who have been reading my LJ and i.ph blog between 2004-2008 have an idea that i am more of a family person especially when my brother was still living with me. We were together all the time. In fact, i even made a blog about him when he left the country last 2008 to be with mom. It was painful of course, but i know that the changes within the family is for the better. I opted to stay in the Philippines for me to determine what i really want to do with my life because seriously, i have a lot of ambitions when it comes to having a career. I want to be a good marketing person (hello, BMG!), i want to be a better blogger (i think i accomplished a lot in this division), i want to make films (three shorts films? not bad, right? :P), i want to write more about celebrities no matter if it is positive or errr… entertaining (hello, kaparazzi!). I’ve accomplished almost all of it except having a lovelife of my own haha πŸ˜€

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