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Turning 24 and Directing My Own Life

I’m turning twenty four tomorrow! Yikes. I am turning twenty four. One year to go and i’m about to say hello to my silver year on planet earth. I am thankful i’m still alive and kicking!

At the set of The 12th of June (July 2009)

To be honest, i’m quite bored. When I turned 23, i had so much positive vibe in me. I love being busy doing the things i am passionate about. Unfortunately for now, i am here in my room stuck the whole day trying to do something productive. I have colds and i think my ear problem is back. Aside from that, i’m bored. Boredom is a disease that kills.

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Quality Goals for 2011 (Realistic Version)

It’s the start of the new century and just like the previous years, a lot of people are writing their goals and resolutions for the new year. It is an ongoing tradition that we tend to forget once the calendar strikes at the month of February.

How will i make 2011 Extra Special?

Since i am bored and feeling a bit blah as i write this entry, i am listing down some of my Quality Goals for 2011. I will make it as realistic as possible. I’m glad that i did great last year and i am looking forward to grabbing more opportunities this year.

Now show me the bulleted list!

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