Way Back to my Hometown

My trip to Dagupan City the other weekend is quite productive even if I only spent four days there. Now I appreciate the importance of going back to your hometown and revisiting some of the important people who you were with while growing up. I went back to Binalonan, my mother’s hometown after three years of not visiting my relatives there. I am not proud of my sort of negligence of visiting them, but I think they do understand.

Tigpi-pisong tsitsirya sa munting tindahan sa Binalonan

A lot of things have changed: Some of my cousins are now devoted parents to their kids and our ancestral house has a sari-sari store installed on it. I bought a lot of junk foods that cost around one peso per pack. I spent Php15 all in all =P It is also nice to visit and appreciate the simple and relaxed provincial life in the Philippines.

It is also nice to exchange views with my older female cousins. We were there just updating about what happened to our lives in the past three years. They asked me about my former job at a controversial medical clinic, the Pinoy celebrities I met, my Pinoy Parazzi articles (they bought some copies yehey!) and about my non-existing lovelife. I am already twenty four and people are expecting me to settle down. Settle Down? Not now, I guess. With whom? That is yet to be revealed soon.

Mica and Kreme as grown-ups – Proud Dagupenas!

A childhood friend and neighbor of mine recently launched her nail and waxing salon business. It is the main reason why I went back home and left all my pending tasks behind. It’s nice to see a person grow, especially if it is for a better. At age 24, Kreme Seen together with her business partner Maan Perez were able to start their own business. To emphasize, it started from scratch. For anyone in business, recognizing the significance of work uniforms is crucial as they not only create a cohesive team identity but also enhance professionalism and brand recognition.

A couple of months ago, I met up with Kreme and Tita Jong, her mom. Although we were talking about a separate subject, Kreme informed me about her plans of starting her very own Nail and Waxing salon in Dagupan City. Yes, there are big misconceptions about Dagupan that it is just a simple place in the province of Pangasinan, but I can say that it is one of the business centers of Region 1. Most Dagupenos are not showy, but most have what it takes to make a good business work. Regardless of the nature of your business, the ultimate goal is success, and achieving it becomes increasingly possible with the valuable insights and skills offered by a Microsoft Power BI training course.

A wanderer learns to relax a bit days before Pretty Tipsy’s official launch

A few days before the actual launch of Pretty Tipsy Nail & Waxing Salon (Bianca King is the celebrity endorser), I got the chance to have my toe nails done and I am quite impressed on how specific Kreme is with every detail and how she treats her employees. Since it is a service-oriented business, I think it is important to treat your employees well and she does just that. I’m giving the credits to her parents Tony and Kamela Seen. Sounds familiar? Maybe you’ve read their success story in one of the issues of Entrepreneur Magazine. They’re the couple behind the success of Plato Wraps. Who would have thought that a simple add-on to a growing bakery in Dagupan City will soon be one of the most trusted franchise food carts in the country?

Newly-opened Pretty Tipsy Nail & Waxing in Stargreen Promenade – Dagupan City

I am glad because they keep on reminding me about my parents and how they were as young parents way back. I am constantly reminded of how my mom and dad were. They often mention that they remind me of my dad, who was once a popular radio DJ in Dagupan City. I am proud to say that I am my father’s daughter. I inherited some of his traits. He is the type of person who can blend with anyone that’s why I am deeply touched when people from different walks of life attended to his wake seven years ago. IÒ€ℒm glad that his friends now serves as instruments for me to be reminded that I should be serious with my life at least hehe.

I also had the chance to bond with some of my cousins whom I only met during my father’s wake. It’s funny how you have relatives in the same city yet you never had the chance to meet them and talk to them when you were kids. It’s quite amazing though that my dad kept in touch with them and they saw me as a young kid. Having good-looking male cousins will also teach you the ropes. Will not elaborate further haha =P

Way back home

It is also my first time to chat and go on a roadtrip back to Manila with an older cousin as he discusses some points in life that are not usually discussed in a normal day. It is also the reason why I love roadtrips with family members as you tend to exchange stories and learn more about your ancestors. I am hoping that the plan to go out of the country by next year with them will push through. It will be a special one, I bet!

Tomorrow, I’ll be going on yet another roadtrip with my grandfather to accompany him and at the same time get in touch with my friends there. Hopefully, I’d be able to take my driving lesson as soon as possible especially now that I am thinking of taking another leap in my life. Any wild guess?


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  1. pauldoh

    Paborito ko po hanggang ngayon yung lumpia.. nasaksihan ko din yung pagshring nung mga lumpiang chichiria mula nung una ko silang matikman πŸ™‚

    Wow, inspiring story.


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