Being Sick on your 24th Birthday

BDAY BACKLOG: So, I finally turned 24 last May 6. It was a Friday and compared to my previous birthday celebrations, i opted to have a simple one this year. Why? Because i am sick and lazy. Having cough, colds and mild headache on your supposedly special day will truly make you feel lazy. Prior to that, i’ve been unproductive online and offline. I’m glad that i am blogging now LOL.

I may be sick, but my appetite is still ok πŸ˜›

So what did I do on my 24th birthday? I woke up at 2pm, checked my online accounts to reply on some Facebook, Plurk, Twitter and E-mail greetings. I received a number of text messages too and missed calls. I’m glad that my family and friends took extra effort to greet me on my 24th birthday. Thank you again πŸ™‚

Maire asked me where I was and since i had no plans for that day, we met up at Gateway Mall (Figaro to be exact). The staff gave me a complimentary birthday cake as a member of their coffee club. It is already natural for Taurus people to be stubborn at times especially when they’re hungry. We were originally planning to eat at this Italian restaurant, but i got easily pissed when the waitress on duty was insisting that we try their specialty. I got pissed so easily and invited Maire to go to Pizza Hut instead. Being sick and stubborn on your birthday can be so…. so. HAHA.

Pasta for Long Life

A Slice of Life

So there we went to Pizza Hut Bistro and Maire did treat me for late lunch (Thank you Maire!) We ordered our favorites and as usual, we were discussing about career-related stuff and how unproductive i am the past few weeks. She’s busy with work while i’m busy doing nothing. The latter is much more tiring though. Frustrating too. I don’t want to be like that again.

White Hat for Dessert

Maire turned 24 four days after πŸ˜›

For dessert, Maire and I went to White Hat. We tried their Strawberry Yogurt and I chose Mango and Kiwi as my toppings. She also did interview me (to be uploaded soon) with questions related to my blogging career (choz! Haha) and if i’m pushing through with my first love, which is film making.

Complimentary Birthday Cake from Figaro

We parted ways at 6pm and i went straight home. Went online as i wait for my grandfather to come home from Makati Medical Center since my lola was hospitalized 😐 We ate dinner and i ordered for drinks and snacks from Serenitea. We both saw our favorite TV shows that night and i’m glad to see him lighten up after a series of stressful days. I love my lolo much πŸ™‚

Later that night, I did a short video stream session at USTREAM with Team West Pangasinan crew LOL. I also talked to my mom and my brother via Skype. If only I didn’t leave UK that early, I should’ve spent my birthday gallivanting all over London. Oh well. Maybe on my 25th? Hehe.

Who is the Burger Monster?

The next day, I went to Makati Medical Center to visit my grandma. I’m glad to catch most of my relatives there particularly my cousin named Manuel. Since Makati Med can also serve as a food center (LOL), I brought Manuel to Burger King. It’s fun to hangout with my little cousin.  Reminds me of my Carlo when he was younger.

Tita Felicia also gave me a Love Pearl from Puerto Princesa. I’ve been to Puerto Princesa twice, but i never saw that souvenir! I got the light pink pearl which means i’ll be lucky in love this year. Haha. Really? I hope so LOL. (Will write about this interesting gift soon!)

All in all, I had a simple 24th birthday. No surprise parties and all that. I also thought of going out-of-town alone, but my health condition that time made it impossible. I’m just happy that finally, i’m getting my blog groove back πŸ™‚

Once again, Happy 24th Birthday to Me! I dedicate this post to myself and i hope i’ll like it (WUT LOL)


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