Movie Review: The Bride and The Lover

Last Wednesday, Maki and I met up in Trinoma Cinema to catch the first screening of ‘The Bride and The Lover’. It is the only Filipino Film on the line-up of films launched that day. It is the newest movie from Regal Films starring Lovi Poe, Paulo Avelino and Jennylyn Mercado.

The Three Victims of Love

The Three Victims of Love

Prior to entering the cinema, I have instilled certain ‘expectations’. Joel Lamangan is one of the most-respected directors in Philippine Cinema and he concentrated in political-themed films on the past few years. It is a breather to finally see him do semi-funny film again. I was looking forward to the dialogues since it is penned by Rody Vera, who is responsible for the screenplay of Cinemalaya favorites NINO and REquieme.

Now let’s proceed to my expectations on the cast members: Paulo Avelino recently won awards for his portrayal as Nathan in ‘Walang Hanggan’ and in the indie film ‘Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa’. Lovi Poe is quite controversial these days because of her supposed ‘network transfer’. Is she staying with GMA-7 or is she moving to TV5? Or is she signing up with ABS-CBN? She also garnered nominations for her portrayal in Thy Womb and Legacy. This movie also serves as Jennylyn Mercado’s comeback project with Regal Films. She starred in a number of teeny-bopper films and the fans are eager to see if she can handle such role.

It is also the first time of Joem Bascon to play a gay confidante and Hayden Kho’s film debut.

Philip and Vivian's Wedding

Philip and Vivian’s Wedding

Watching ‘The Bride and The Lover’ is quite unique compared to the other ‘infidelity’ movies that we’ve seen in the past. While the previous films presented their subjects in a very serious manner, this movie does the opposite. It is one crazy film… I don’t know where to begin LOL.

The Bride and The Lover is the story of two bestfriends who fell in love with the same guy. Vivian Paredes (Lovi Poe) is a spoiled, rich woman who believes in ‘sex before marriage’. She is supposed to marry Philip (Paulo Avelino), a car agent from a middle-class background. During their wedding day, the bride revealed that her supposed husband had an affair with her maid of honor (Sheila). A scandalous event that broke the hearts of our lead characters, the three left Manila for a while en route to different locations with hopes to move on.

'The Bride and the Lover' lead stars Lovi Poe, Paulo Avelino and Jennylyn Mercado

‘The Bride and the Lover’ lead stars Lovi Poe, Paulo Avelino and Jennylyn Mercado

Philip had a major injury because of his ‘clumsiness’. Sheila took a few weeks off and ready to face the world anew. Vivian goes back to Manila with a stronger and liberated aura.

The theme of TBATL is not unique, but it is special in the way it was written. At the back of my mind, I was thinking if they’re trying to present a campy kabit film, but at the same time touched with the film’s serious moments. The best part here is you can feel why Vivian (Lovi Poe) did what she did. She came back with vengeance, but she ended up hurting herself more. I love the transportation part wherein she came back with an attitude. A friend of mine even said she felt like it is an extension of her character in Temptation Island.

Philip and Sheila's Wedding

Philip and Sheila’s Wedding

Jennylyn Mercado is one of the few actresses who can pull-off a sophisticated character. I’m glad that in this film, she is not the usual martir character who won’t fight back. She really looked like a confident Editor-in-Chief of a magazine who may intimate whoever she’s dealing with. It’s also fun to watch her utter some lines with no inhibitions.
The two leading ladies successfully showed their acting capabilities and at the same time flaunt their assets. One is a morena and the other is mestiza. I salute the stylists and make-up artists for bringing out the best in Lovi and Jennylyn.

Paulo Avelino is good in the film. At some scenes, I can’t help but think of his infamous character as Nathan in ‘Walang Hanggan’. There were some parts in the intimate scenes wherein I find awkward. I guess it is on the angle.

Who will win in the end?

Who will win in the end?

There were some scenes in the film that I find unnecessary and there are some parts where I felt the character presentation must be explored more.

The Bride and the Lover is a serious film about love and friendship, but presented in a dark comedy way. It is the kind of movie where the audience will experience a rollercoaster ride of emotions. The scenes of Hayden Kho, Joem Bascon and even Ahron Villena will give you ‘gulat’ factor in a charming and sexy way.

Have you seen ‘The Bride and the Lover’? Catch it on cinemas nationwide! Here are some of the pictures I took during the last shooting day of The Bride and The Lover.



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