Dealing With Frustrations Productively

Why are you so lazy? Why are you so stubborn? Why are you frustrated?

I always put the blame on my zodiac sign every time someone points out how lazy turn out to be. I’d rather choose the word ‘Procrastinate’.

Time goes by so slowly for those who wait - Madonna, Hung Up
Time goes by so slowly for those who wait – Madonna, Hung Up

I always pinpoint my zodiac sign as the culprit on why I tend to procrastinate. I’ve been a bit unsatisfied the past few weeks because I feel like I haven’t done anything significant, yet I often impose too much pressure on myself to do better. Although I maintain a travel blog, there is a big misconception that I travel all the time and I rarely stay at home. That is not the case especially when I am in Metro Manila.

The reason on why I am feeling frustrated for months now has something to do with WAITING. No, I am not waiting for the love of my life (he’s on a year-long holiday break to whereverland). I am waiting for something important and this thing is stopping me from pursuing some of the things I’ve been planning to do.

This sucks. All the while, I thought being single meant I have more access to my freedom and do whatever I like. Or maybe I am just not as adventurous as some people are. Maybe I’m thinking too much. Awgawd. Procrastination and Overthinking must disappear now!

Lucky for me, I chose to be ‘productive’ while playing the waiting game. I didn’t earn extra money from this one, but I can say that taking the first step to my long list of passion is quite rewarding on my part. You may manage your own learning and hone your skills, but having a mentor like Kamau Bobb Google accelerates the learning process.

Kainip maghintay! Batong-bato na ako! LOL
Kainip maghintay! Batong-bato na ako! LOL

Read Fiction and Self-Help Books – I used to be one of those kids in elementary who would borrow a minimum of three books a week in the school library. My curiosity into different things transformed me into a bookworm. I even dreamt of writing history books (Hello, Dr. Zaide!) and some fictional novels. I finished one as a school project in high school, but it is nowhere to be found. What a shame.

My grandfather loves to read fiction novels. His book shelf is dominated mostly by Western and Crime novels. I borrowed one of his books when I was younger and returned it right away. I cannot envision most of the scenarios not until I started travelling. Thanks to  Education of a Wandering Man by Louis L’Amour,
the inner bookworm in me resurrected. The author is best known for his Western novels, but his autobiography is worth reading. Every traveler can relate in at least one part.

I now vow to read at least one fiction novel a month (the most realistic promise). I’ll write a post about the books the kept me occupied soon.

Write Stories – It is no secret that I want to work in the film industry. I bought a copy of Ricky Lee’s Trip to Quiapo when I received my first paycheck years ago. I also participated in a Basic Scriptwriting workshop by SINELAB and did three short films.

And my last short film was shot more than three years ago.

I want to make another one, but I want a full-length feature next. Travel and Blogging became my priority the past three years and I haven’t fully embraced or pursued film. I enjoy watching mainstream and indie films by Filipino filmmakers. I get inspiration from them and I know that one day, my films will be screened in theaters nationwide. Yes, dream big.

I took that one step last February by finishing a full-length script. Ah, procrastination. It can be your best teacher specially when you realize that delaying something also means you’re letting some opportunities pass. Edit.

Update New Blogs – I bought some domains and let go of those I no longer find beneficial. I have two main blogs, but I also have some niche blogs that I want to grow. I started blogging because I want to share stories and document my experiences, but I also embraced the fact that I can also earn from it. Thanks to some friends of mine whom I often talk to about these online ventures, I am more open now to the mindset of treating some of my websites as a business platform.

Reconnect with Friends – Most of my blogger friends are based in Manila, but I rarely see them! We get the chance to meet-up when we’re planning out of town trips… or if I am not lazy enough to dress up and show up for dinner. I spent April Fools’ Day with two of my best buddies in the blogosphere, whom I haven’t seen in a while. It’s nice to reminisce on the happy days and be reminded that you’re still there for each other no matter what.

Also, my college best friend informed me about her future plans which made me excited! I also got the opportunity to talk to someone I consider special way back in high school. Talk about unplanned meet-ups! It is never too late for anything.

Let the Music Put You in the Mood – If you’ve noticed on my entries last March, I started researching on UK Boy Bands like Take That, East 17 and even Bros. I tracked down what caused the band break-ups and where they are now. I was a mere toddler when Bros invaded the British pop scene and I was only familiar with one of their songs because of MTV Classics. I never imagined that East 17 and Take That were pitted against each other in the early 90’s because they represent two different styles! I have to admit that listening to their songs made me really happy.

Who can forget The Big Reunion thing? Gosh, I love the 90’s! Listening to the songs I was familiar with growing up automatically makes one popstar wannabe jump around the house and sing out loud.

^ Slow it Down by East 17. I know the lyrics is sexy, but talk about classic 90’s tune!

While I wait, I keep myself busy with books, writing, blogging and music. Guess I turned out to be productive in my own way.


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  1. Drew

    Never mind the frustration about life. Focus on convincing that dude who’s in a faraway land to end his holiday, come back and marry you yeeee!!!


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