My Favorite Lovi Poe Characters in Movies

On March 14, the 28th Star Awards for Movies finally unveiled the list of winners. Mainstream flicks Asiong Salonga and In The Name of Love bagged a lot of awards. I’ve seen both films and I can say that the winners deserve the recognition especially to Aga Muhlach and Angel Locsin, who made me cry during their confrontation scene in the movie ‘In The Name of Love’.

Lovi Poe as Natasha Alcantara in GMA-7's Legacy

I would like to focus on the Best Supporting Actress winner though. She is no other than Lovi Poe! In this awards night alone, she was nominated in two categories: Best Actress for her role in My Neighbor’s Wife and Best Supporting Actress for the movie Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow. She is nominated again in a different award-giving body for her role as Serafina in Temptation Island. Whew!

Right now, Lovi Poe is visible in GMA-7’s Primetime show ‘LEGACY’. Based on the write-ups and comments posted in different social networking sites, it seems like her portrayal as Natasha Alcantara is much loved by the viewers. I am hook to this series and I love how she delivers her lines as natural as possible.

We can conclude that 2011 was Lovi Poe’s year in terms of magazine pictorials and in mainstream movies. Mother Lily finally took the risk to shell out some money and launch Lovi as a mainstream movie actress. Last year, she appeared in five Regal-produced films: My Valentine Girls (uhm, that was an obligatory Vday movie for GMA), Temptation Island (where she stole the limelight from the supposedly more popular stars), My Neighbor’s Wife (sexy drama time!), Aswang (time to scare the kids!) and Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (where she bagged her new award). Prior to her current status in the biz, FPJ’s daughter appeared in indie films and I managed to watch majority of them. She is lucky to be given good roles and I will mention my Top 5 Favorite Lovi Poe Characters in Movies. Game? GAME!

Lovi Poe as Maria in 'Walang Hanggang Paalam'

5. Maria in Walang Hanggang Paalam

– If I am not mistaken, this is Lovi Poe’s first indie film. She plays the role of Maria, a 16 year old girl who escaped from home to go with her boyfriend to Baguio. Although she loves her boyfriend so much (played by Joem Bascon), she is still the idealistic teen who believes that true love waits (you know what I mean LOL). In one of their quarrels, she left her boyfriend and went around Baguio City to explore on her own. She meets a random Japanese stranger (Jacky Woo) and they became friends. It is a sad movie yet Lovi managed to portray her role with a tamed but remarkable acting. There were less lines in this movie and the actors used their eyes and some mannerisms in order to show what they truly feel.

Favorite Part: When Maria was smoking in a dark hallway of the hostel.

Favorite Line: ‘I’m Just Lonely’ – Maria

Lovi Poe as Giselle in My Neighbor's Wife (with Dennis Trillo)

4. Giselle in My Neighbor’s Wife

In My Neighbor’s Wife, Lovi plays the role of Giselle, an ambitious woman/social climber and wife of Aaron (Dennis Trillo) who had a one night stand with Bullet (Jake Cuenca). Although the first part of the movie suggested that she is the antagonist in this movie, she managed to get the sympathy of the viewers in the latter part. She is also a bit aggressive in her love scenes with both Dennis and Jake, but her talent in acting was noticed more. In fact, she is nominated in a number of award-giving bodies this year under the Best Actress category.

Favorite Part: Confrontation scene with Carla Abellana when her supposed ‘affair’ with Bullet was revealed.

Favorite Line: ‘Maganda ako, Matalino Ako. Hindi ako magaling magluto pero sh*t, magaling ako sa kama!’ – Giselle to Aaron (Dennis Trillo) when he scolded her for impulsive shopping.

Lovi Poe as Hasmin in 'Aswang'

3. Hasmin in Aswang

This is the remake of the Alma Moreno starrer and I’m just glad that Lovi was tapped to play the role of Hasmin in the new version. I can say that she exudes the sensual aura of loveli-ness and her versatility is a plus. In this movie, she plays the role of a monster who wants to live a normal life. She is a kind-hearted woman, but she needs to do some killing in order to survive and please their tribe. She succeeded in portraying an innocent but sensual character here. Her eyes are expressive and she can scare or seduce in just one look.

Favorite Part: Habulan portion of Hasmin and Daniel (Paulo Avelino) in the forest.

Favorite Line: “Minsan, may mga bagay na napipilitan tayong gawin kahit ‘di natin gusto. Pero hindi ibig sabihin nu’n ay masama na tayo.” Hasmin while talking to Daniel.

Lovi Poe as Serafina F. in Temptation Island

2. Serafina F. in Temptation Island

Favorite Part: Serafina and Nympha’s rambol scene. Todo na ‘to!

Favorite Line: “Shut Up! Walang humihingi ng opinyon mo! Mag-alis kayo ng panty kung gusto n’yo, but my panty stays where it is! – Serafina when Nympha suggested that all the girls must remove their panties to catch more fish.

Lovi Poe as Lilibeth in Mayohan

1. Lilibeth in Mayohan

– The movie where she got her first Best Actress award through Cinemalaya Film Festival 2010. It is the only competing movie I saw that year (blame it on the typhoon T_T) and I have no regrets. I first thought that the movie is boring, but her effective portrayal and the kilig factor of the movie made me and Ada stay and enjoy the film. Lovi plays the role of Lilibeth, a barrio lass who was chosen to be the head of the pasayaw for the Mayohan Festival celebration. There is this big misconception that provincial girls are innocent and virginal. Her character required her to be sweet yet she’s also involved in doing some mischief (using the money from the pasayaw fund to buy her first cellphone and getting involved with a guy without her lola’s consent). She achieved that ‘hindi makabasag-pinggan’ look. It is also obvious that she really exerted an effort to master how people from Infanta, Quezon speak. Wait.. Just search for Mayohan movie reviews online and you’ll notice that almost all of them loved Lovi in this film! πŸ˜€

Favorite Part: When she met up with her real biological father, who turned out to be the Mayor 😐

Favorite Line: “Ay p*ki!’ – She blurted out when a big rat suddenly came out while she was having a serious conversation with her grandmother.

There you go! πŸ˜€ I heard that Regal Films is giving her more projects again this year. Some of her projects include a drama film with Jennylyn Mercado, a feel-good film with other Regal favorites and a romance-drama with Enrique Gil. The Aswang Chronicles is also set to be released this year, where she is the leading lady of Dingdong Dantes. There are rumors too that she will be doing a movie with Nora Aunor. Woot! It seems like she can truly live up with the title ‘Princess of Philippine Movies’. She is Da King’s daughter anyway πŸ˜›


5 thoughts on “My Favorite Lovi Poe Characters in Movies

  1. Mark

    I love Serafina. :-3

    Favorite Line: “Everybody needs a shipwreck once in a while.”

    She dominated last year’s movie scene, i hope to see her more on the big screen this year. I can’t wait to watch Aswang Chronicles. πŸ™‚

  2. Drew

    Yung number 2 lang ang napanood ko hehe! Pero I have to say I enjoyed her performance. It was so campy and the manner in which she spoke in the duration of the film was so effective. Lalo syang naging nakakatawa without trying too hard πŸ˜€


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