Lovi Poe and Paulo Avelino wants to bite and get bitten!

It is a tradition in the movie industry (international and local) to come up with a film that will scares or haunts its audience. It is already proven in the previous years that this genre sells – even if it talks about death and insanity.

ASWANG 2011 Starring Lovi Poe and Paulo Avelino

This year, Mother Lily’s Regal Entertainment Inc. brings you the ‘updated’ version of the horror classic ASWANG. The movie was directed by Peque Gallaga in 1992 and Alma Moreno played the title role.


For the new version, Lovi Poe bags this iconic role with Paulo Avelino as her leading man. Also included in the cast are Joem Bascon, Jillian Ward, Nina Jose, Mark Abaya, Albie Casino and Bembol Roco. Critically-acclaimed indie film director Jerrold Tarog is in-charge of the new version. I think Mother Lily liked how he directed last year’s Shake, Rattle & Roll ‘Punerarya’ episode, where Carla Abellana won some awards.


Lovi Poe

Lovi Poe is truly Mother Lily’s favorite. I cannot really question the lady producer since Lovi Poe is one actress who can really deliver and i never heard anyone complain about her being a ‘nega’ on set unlike other celebrities out there. This is her 4th movie this year: She is one of Richard Gutierrez’ girls in My Valentine Girls, reprised the role of the sexy spoiled brat Serafina in Temptation Island (and outshine everyone LOL), social-climber but loving wife Giselle in My Neighbor’s Wife and now as a mysterious creature in Aswang.

I met Lovi for the first time at the shoot of My Neighbor’s Wife two months ago in Subic, Zambales. I am glad that until now, she remembers my name and even obliged when I asked her some questions for my travel blog (watch out for that new segment next week!). She is also the darling of the press as she makes beso to everyone. She answers questions with wit and when she’s not comfortable with something, she tells it politely. She’s almost everywhere now and she deserves all the attention she’s getting πŸ˜€

Paulo Avelino

Paulo Avelino

Kapuso turned Kapamilya Paulo Avelino just did the right move in transferring networks. I was actually rooting for him or Mart Escudero before in Starstruck IV (where Aljur won). He represented Baguio City and yep, the fact that he can speak in Ilocano is a big factor for me hehe. Wala lang =P Although he’d rather not discuss is family life in public, it seems like he is really determined to do better in his career. Originally, he is the partner of Solenn Heussaff in Temptation Island. Unfortunately, he backed out due to health reasons. No need to fret since in this new film, he is already playing a lead role in a mainstream flick. He made a lot of people smile with his performance in this year’s Cinemalaya for Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa.

Bite or be Bitten? Gwapo ni Paulo!

Bite or be Bitten? Gwapo ni Paulo!

If I remember it right, they shot most of the scenes in Tarlac. The ‘Aswang’ legend is still lingering up to this day and some people still claim that they do really exist. What do you think? Nang-aaswang lang ng asawa ang alam ko na totoong nage-exist eh =P

Happy Lovi & Serious Paulo

Happy Lovi & Serious Paulo

During the press conference, some reporters asked Lovi on how she feels that Mother Lily believes in her as an actress. She expressed her gratitude and revealed that the lady producer is one of the individuals who truly believed in her talent eversince she started in Bakekang. I remember people were having doubts on her and felt that she’s given the showbiz exposure due to the fact that she is ‘Da King’s daughter’. Only a few knew their real story and it can pass in teleserye standards.

I bet they're Tweeting =))

I bet they're Tweeting =))

When asked why she chose Paulo Avelino for this project, Mother Lily claimed that if she’s younger, she could have courted him LOL. Also, she thinks that he can perfectly fit as a leading man. Too bad his former network didn’t give him that big break.

OOOOPPPPSSSS WAIT!!! In order to promote the film more through Twitter, Facebook and blogs, they launched a new promo for those who wants to be ‘bitten’ by Lovi Poe and thise who would like to ‘bite’ Paulo Avelino. Kaloka, ‘di ba? The winner will receive premiere night tickets and Mother Lily also revealed that she’ll be giving away Ten (10) TRIP TO HONGKONG TICKETS! Read the instructions via the promo posters below:

Kagatin Kita, Gusto Mo? - Lovi Poe

Kagatin mo ako, gusto mo? - Paulo Avelino

YIKES I WANNA JOIN TOO! Even an overnight all-expenses paid stay at Imperial Palace Hotel will do for me wehehe =P

If that is not yet enough, here are videos of Paulo and Lovi inviting everyone to watch the movie!

As of writing, the movie’s playdate is on November 2 and the premiere night is on October 30. I am hoping that this film will do good in the box-office so that Mother Lily will be encouraged to produce more movies. The Temptation Island remake was a major success and I loved the script and direction of My Neighbor’s Wife. Honestly, i liked it more than No Other Woman. Just had some problems with the dubbing and music scoring hehe. If people will base it on the trailer, I think it is enough to encourage them to shell out some money to support this film.

There will be a bigger presscon for the movie next week and I am hoping to interview some of the supporting cast members. Support this film! I also want a remake of The Diary of Cristina Gaston with Lovi playing the lead role again! (random much?!)

For more updates, visit the Official Movie Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Aswang/164664913619222


10 thoughts on “Lovi Poe and Paulo Avelino wants to bite and get bitten!

  1. Rabsin

    mukhang kelangan ko na talagang pumunta ng manila ah…ikaw nlng parati nkakasama ng mga artista ikaw na!!! hahaha! Miss you mica!

  2. Iris

    Hi Mica,

    This is Iris, one of your LJ friends before.
    Happy to know that you’re doing great!
    Showbiz is really in your genes.

    You’ve gone a long way from being a neophyte blogger to a seasoned one.
    Keep up the good work!

    Best regards,

  3. Drew

    Bagay kay Lovi Poe ang role na aswang. Her piercing stare would be enough to tempt anyone and eventually be eaten by her. And she’s a good actress. Galing nya sa Temptation Island πŸ™‚

  4. Rodney

    sexy talaga ni lovi! she proves na hindi kelangan ng malaking ‘hinaharap’ para maging sexy πŸ˜€ aabangan ko ito!

    ok yang si paulo sa 100 days to heaven. buti lumipat!

  5. Micamyx Post author

    @Rabsin – I miss you more! Kitakits sa Bacolod!

    @Iris – Ate IRIS!!! πŸ˜€ Musta na? I’m glad nahanap mo ako woot check your email πŸ˜€ i miss you!

    @Drew – Thanks Drew! I agree with you titig pa lang, kaakit-akit na! Hehe πŸ˜€

    @Rodney – I agree! Hindi na kailangan ng super cleavage to be sexy and yes, glad Paulo transferred na. At least nabibigyan siya ng good projects.

    @Robbie – MAG-TWEET KA NA RIN!!! πŸ˜› They have a new trailer up na tinanggal ulit hehe. Sana ibalik πŸ˜›

  6. dokwayne

    Hi micamyx.. I am from Dagupan too. I studied and currently working at Colegio de Dagupan. I like your blogs… I was in high school when I saw ASWANG in 1992 with Alma Moreno, Manilyn Reynes, and Aiza Seguerra.. I am excited with the new version.

    Pleas include me in your links… Thank you.

  7. Micamyx Post author

    @dokwayne – Wow, kababayan! Thanks for commenting πŸ˜€ Will check your blog out later πŸ™‚

    @Mark – Lipat ka na kasi dito! πŸ˜›


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