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After acquiring my very own Panasonic DMC-LX3 as a Christmas gift to myself, I started my very own photoblog at Tumblr called LX3 Moments, wherein I will be posting one photo a day with a corresponding information about the photo. It is a known fact in the bloggers that photo hobbyist started with their own Project 365 Days.

Micamyx's Project52Weeks starts now!

Micamyx's Project52Weeks starts now!

Want to know the real reason why I chose the LX3 instead of buying another type of camera? I love it because it is handy, easy to use and I can possibly take HD clips. I am not a professional photographer. In fact, I don’t even plan to put watermarks on my photos (unless maybe if i am not as lazy as I am today). I simply want a good camera. That’s it.

Ok, enough of that 😛 Just last week, I mentioned to a friend that I am planning to start with my own online video blogging project. My aim for this one is to shoot at least one short film using my Panasonic DMC-LX3. I want it to be on-the-spot and spontaneous. I bought the domain right away and launched the site last Sunday 😛

So far, I already have three episodes: No Sleeping (featuring Hannah and Jehz), Food in Trash (featuring Ada with Maki, Hannah and Carlos) and Carry My Love (Featuring Mica and Judd with Winston and Hannah). I think we are in the right track with this project. Thanks to my friends who are very much game to shoot with me 😛

Will I be able to shoot 52 short films? We’ll see. =)

Here are the three on-the-spot videos. Enjoy!

WEEK 1: Walang Tulugan! (No Sleeping)

She is sleepy. He is widely awake. What will he do in order to keep her awake?

WEEK 2: Food in Trash (Pagkain sa Basurahan)

Ada is hungry but she doesn’t have enough money. While thinking of where to eat, she found a treasure in the green trashcan.

WEEK 3: Carry My Love

A single woman’s perspective on girls asking their boyfriends to carry their handbag… and how her friend blocked her thoughts!

Do you have any suggestions or would you like to see any of the Nyoks in the film? Come on, send in those suggestions! I am planning to shoot at least three shorts in Cebu this weekend! How cool is that, huh? 😀

Please visit PROJECT52WEEKS.COM and link us up! 😀


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