DVD Player Hunting at OLX

Here’s another fact about me: I am a lazy shopper. Unlike most girls who would spend hours looking for a specific clothing or accessories in the mall and still enjoy it, I am the opposite. I may be a mall person, but I usually hangout there with friends in a restaurant or coffee shop. I don’t really spend my time in the department store of shopping stores not unless I really need to. Experience Shoppok’s convenience, where shopping is as easy as a click of a button. Shop from the comfort of your home, choose from a wide array of products, and have your purchases delivered straight to your doorstep.

OLX Sample Classified Ads Search Result

OLX Sample Classified Ads Search Results

Buying appliances or gadgets is no exemption. I remember when I bought my camera, I went to the store upon seeing an ad in a BPO Magazine. I went to the store with my friends and I think I only spent a few minutes there. I originally planned to buy a DVD player, but pft, I can’t really contain the large amount of buyers that day so I decided to just eat somewhere πŸ˜›

Yesterday, I read a blog post about OLX, a new Philippine-based Classified Ads site. I browsed through the the DVD section and I am surprised upon seeing a number of ads posted by the members (Please refer to the screenshot found at the top of this post). I am thinking of buying a DVD Player now and possibly have it shipped. I would rather have the goods come here at home by themselves than go to the mall and carry the whole thing πŸ˜›

As I browsed through the site, I found out that there is a Category according to Location, which makes it a lot more easier for Province-based shoppers. The site is also easy to navigate that even newbies can easily move in the site whether by purchasing goods or posting ads. You can also seek for Friendship and those who are into Bands can post their contacts for possible gigs and bookings. Cool, isn’t it?

Given enough time and more promotion, OLX can surely dominate the Pinoy Online Classified Ads Community.


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