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Just For Laughs: Ada singing Japanese Song

This afternoon, Ada tagged me on Facebook. Apparently, she uploaded a new video this morning direct from her webcam. She appeared in most of my funny vids at PROJECT52WEEKS last year and this one made me really roll on the floor – literally.

Here’s Ada singing a Japanese song (ok, it’s the Doreamon theme LOL). I wonder why she chose that song. Maybe she missed her special someone who is currently based in Japan.

She tagged only me, but since i think the rest of our friends deserve a good laugh today, i ended up tagging our close friends. Winston even commented that this video should go viral, and it is a good idea! Why not, chocnut?

Why am i blogging about this? Well, I want her to be famous and this must go viral. Let’s see if her morning boredom will result to something life-changing 😛 Go Badet!

To My Dearest Friend Ada

One of the highlights in my blog last year are my birthday posts dedicated to my blogger barkada friends collectively known as ‘The Nyoks’. I didn’t forget their birthdays and I wrote my personal messages for them complete with pictures. Due to my trip to Cebu and Singapore last year, I failed to write a birthday entry for two of my closest girl pals and one of them is the one and only crazy yet admirable blogger named Ada Lajara of Adaphobic.com.


I am here right now in Cafe Amoree in General Santos with the SEX Bloggers (SOCCSKSARGEN Experience BLOGGERS lolz). When we planned this trip, Ada is a part of it. But she needs to stay in Manila for now and celebrate her birthday with some of the special people in her life 😀

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Micamyx and Adaphobic on Tek Tok TV

Guesting on a TV show with one of your craziest blogger friend on a Saturday is fun! Yesterday, Ada Lajara of Adaphobic and I went to Global News Network’s studio for the advanced taping of Tek Tok TV. It is a tech show aired every Wednesday morning in Destiny Cable’s Global News Network. It is hosted by Vince Golangco of WhenInManila.com and of course, my ever sexy friend Hannah Villasis of FlairCandy.com.

Mica and Ada with Vince before the final take

Mica and Ada with Vince before the final take

Ada and I were quite excited when we received the invitation from Vince to finally guest on the show. Usually, the blogger feature part is concentrated on one blogger per show. I guess two is better than one especially if the two bloggers featured on the episode share a lot of things in common.  During the interview, we were able to share some of our personal insights about blogging, the benefits of being a blogger and gave random tips for the newbies. The fun part is when we were asked to narrate on how Ada and I became good friends and we were able to share some of our travel pictures (then I realized we’ve to a LOT of places already! 😛 )

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