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Random Thoughts on the First Day of February

It’s February 2011! So what does that mean? The day of hearts is just around the corner. Lovers are already expected to do some plans just to show their love to their partners while the single ones (like me!) would rather consider February as the Single Awareness Month LOL πŸ˜›

Let's Get Love Drunk! It's February!

I don’t have any intentions of joining the Love Post bandwagon (ok, i’m lying then Haha), but I would like to share some of my random thoughts about February or specifically, on LOVE.

1. NEVER HAD A ROMANTIC VALENTINES DATE. Yes, at age 23, i never really had that candlelit dinner in a fancy restaurant or anything intimate to begin with on the 14th of February. You’d see me either working, hanging out with friends or just at home chatting with my friends online. I am not sure if this year will be a different one, but i am hoping. I am not expecting, but i am hoping. Expecting and Hoping are two different words, but i find it hard to differentiate them in a wider manner. Get me? No? K.

2. PROM DAY IN HIGH SCHOOL IS… not worth remembering either. Ok, it is worth remembering in a way. During our JS PROM when we were in ThirdYear, I couldn’t really remember who my first dance was. I can remember the last dance though since he was one of the most admired guys in school. He is a tall, chinito charmer who is also a gentleman. He ended up as my last dance partner because we swapped from another couple. I don’t want to elaborate LOL. The last prom night is quite special because most of my ‘adings’ from the Junior batch really approached me and danced with me. My last dance turned out to be my crush hehe. I ended up removing my shoes because i’m taller than him. I wanted to savour that moment so yes, i danced while holding my shoes πŸ˜› It is a moment worth turning into a short film.

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SAWI: Single Awareness Weekend Internalization

While most of the single ladies ended up weeping in their homes while watching romantic movies or reading romance novels, I ended up being busy on the so-called ‘Valentine Weekend’.

Laging Bigo, Laging SAWI sa Pag-Ibig... Charot!

Laging Bigo, Laging SAWI sa Pag-Ibig... Charot!

Let’s start with Friday. Unlike most people of the corporate work force, I consider Friday as my rest day. I ended up waking up at 3pm and I eventually went to Makati to claim the Ayala GC I won from a contest late last year. I took advantage of the fact that I am already in Glorietta. I ended up spending the credits of the GC. I bought items from Bench and… yeah, i spent it all at Bench LOL.

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