SAWI: Single Awareness Weekend Internalization

While most of the single ladies ended up weeping in their homes while watching romantic movies or reading romance novels, I ended up being busy on the so-called ‘Valentine Weekend’.

Laging Bigo, Laging SAWI sa Pag-Ibig... Charot!

Laging Bigo, Laging SAWI sa Pag-Ibig... Charot!

Let’s start with Friday. Unlike most people of the corporate work force, I consider Friday as my rest day. I ended up waking up at 3pm and I eventually went to Makati to claim the Ayala GC I won from a contest late last year. I took advantage of the fact that I am already in Glorietta. I ended up spending the credits of the GC. I bought items from Bench and… yeah, i spent it all at Bench LOL.

I went home right away to work on the pre-cut of my project. From Makati, I went back home to San Juan then off to Cubao and back home again. I wasn’t able to take a short nap when Alan, Erik and Winston went here at home to fetch me. We planned to meet up for the 15th Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark, Pampanga. I seriously didn’t really thought i’d make it in the said event. Thanks to Winston for buying tickets for me so I decided to cancel my appointment for that day πŸ˜›

15th Hot Air Balloon Festival Ticket - Dizizit!

15th Hot Air Balloon Festival Ticket - Dizizit!

So Saturday. We went to Dagupan Bus Line and met up with Fritz. We arrived in Clark after one hour. We were all first timers as commuters in the area so we didn’t really know where we should go πŸ˜› Thank God we found the right way πŸ˜›

So there. We’re in the festival already full of giant balloons and flying kites. I was a bit overwhelmed with the fact that a lot of DSLR users invaded the place. Some even have expensive lenses. Wow.

Then off we went to Marquee Mall, then back to the field to spend the lazy yet fun afternoon in the damuhan πŸ˜› I almost fell asleep in the grass. One of the boys did sleep for an hour though πŸ˜›

We had a hard time going back home to Manila, but that’s another story (I will write a separate blog post about the 15 Hot Air Balloon Festival soon).


Valentine's Day is Pyro Day! Putukan na!

Valentine's Day is Pyro Day! Putukan na!

Now it’s a Sunday. Work day for me. I originally planned to go to work earlier so I can go to the PyroMusical at SM Mall of Asia on time. Unfortunately, I woke up late and my officemates didn’t allow me to leave the workplace πŸ˜›

I reached the venue at around 8pm and the Philippines just ended up with their presentation when I arrived (boo!) I’m happy though that I managed to catch the next set with Hannah, Erik and Winston. I was able to take good pictures (again, another separate post for this soon!)


So now it’s a Monday. Did you know that February 15 is the real Single Awareness Day? It’s not really on the 14th unless you are literally “S.A.D” LOLOLOLOL πŸ˜›

I went to work to do my usual phototagging, writing and proofreading tasks. I had to work on the final product of my project that night, but since we were dismissed from work earlier as expected, I managed to go to Theatre Mall and watch a movie alone (errr… sorry to my friends who discouraged me to do so that day – i simply needed to relax!).

Single Awareness Day Movie Choice : Love Happens LOL

Single Awareness Day Movie Choice : Love Happens LOL

I ended up watching Love Happens and though some of my blogger friends who were able to watch the premiere night of the movie said that the film is disappointing, I ended up appreciating the film. I love the script and how it reminded me why i love rooftops.

When I went home, I worked for 7 hours to complete my project. It was tiring, but fulfilling. I slept for a few hours then I went straight to work for a meeting and to a venue where I want one of my dreams to come true.


The Giant Poppin' Turtle wants to say Hi!

The Giant Poppin' Turtle wants to say Hi!

Being single on the Hallmark-driven weekend is not bad after all. Want to know the truth? I want to write an entry about the cheesy stuff, but I ended up narrating how busy I was the whole time LOL.

How was your Valentine weekend? Mind to share? Did you have your own SAWI (Single Awareness Weekend Internatization) moment? Sorry if this blog post is kinda messed up. I am listening to Christina Aguilera’s old songs as I type this entry and err… why is that sneeky turtle pic posted there? LOL.

Photo Credits to Maki Eduardo for the first pic LOL. Sorry I simply need to use that pic haha πŸ˜›


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    @Hannah – Nuffnang = Office ng mga SAWI sa pag-ibig LOL!

    @Maki – I think that turtle is gay haha πŸ˜›

    @Dlysen – True πŸ™‚


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