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Homecoming Jitters – Random Thoughts and Realizations

Three months in England. Wow. Is that for real? Yes, I am on my way to my third month in England and sadly, I am scheduled to leave soon. I am having mixed emotions right now. Remember my blog entry about my travel jitters prior to my trip here? Ironically, I am going through the same thing. Now I call it ‘Homecoming Jitters’.

Wishful Thinking

Some of my mom’s friends told me that I should not go here in United Kingdom on a Winter because of the weather. Guess what? They were right! My body is not used to the very, very, very cold weather and I needed to adjust asap. Now I know that Gloves, Boots, Scarfs and Warmers are not being used for fashion purposes only. It is a necessity. It is not even enough to keep your body warm especially last December. I ended up getting colds after playing with the snow when I was in Cardiff, Wales. I literally rolled on the snowed floor in a public park. That resulted to my home arrest for two weeks.

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The Things We Do For Love

The Things We Do For Love - Despite the Differences

LOVE is complicated. LOVE is unpredictable. LOVE is all about timing.

I am currently listening to the song ‘The Things We Do For Love’ by Lovers and Poets, one of my favorite indie duo that i accidentally discovered online. I even bought the full album because their songs are truly moving especially when i need to keep in touch with the ‘hopeless romantic’ in me.

I just realized that last year, I didn’t really update the Love’ category of this blog. Just like the previous years, i am still single and i am not desperately looking, but i won’t deny that i am longing for it.

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When a Sleepy Head Doodles

Even if i have a laptop with me where i can keep soft copies of my thoughts, i still keep a number of notebooks with me. Ever since I was in elementary, I have this habit of reusing some of my school notebooks for doodling. If ever you saw a notebook with my name on it but there’s no doodle at the back, most probably that is not mine.

After the surprise kiddie party my friends prepared for me on my twenty third birthday, i managed to write a doodle on my ‘notebook of the month’. With my red ballpen that I use for proofreading, i wrote some of the things i want to do now that i am 23 years old. There’s something special about turning twenty three and i can’t really explain why. I remember a blogger friend from Livejournal telling me when I was 18 that my 23rd year in planet earth will be a very exciting one. I won’t tell on which specific part of my life that will be, but your guess is as good as mine.

Want to see the doodle? Ok here it is LOL:

Sleepy Mica Doodles

(Forgive me with my poor penmanship. I iz sleepy LOL)

What I wrote there is not arranged in chronological order, but let me explain every point LOL.

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