When a Sleepy Head Doodles

Even if i have a laptop with me where i can keep soft copies of my thoughts, i still keep a number of notebooks with me. Ever since I was in elementary, I have this habit of reusing some of my school notebooks for doodling. If ever you saw a notebook with my name on it but there’s no doodle at the back, most probably that is not mine.

After the surprise kiddie party my friends prepared for me on my twenty third birthday, i managed to write a doodle on my ‘notebook of the month’. With my red ballpen that I use for proofreading, i wrote some of the things i want to do now that i am 23 years old. There’s something special about turning twenty three and i can’t really explain why. I remember a blogger friend from Livejournal telling me when I was 18 that my 23rd year in planet earth will be a very exciting one. I won’t tell on which specific part of my life that will be, but your guess is as good as mine.

Want to see the doodle? Ok here it is LOL:

Sleepy Mica Doodles

(Forgive me with my poor penmanship. I iz sleepy LOL)

What I wrote there is not arranged in chronological order, but let me explain every point LOL.

I want to be vain – If there is something that lacks in me to be called a real woman, that is vanity. I rarely apply make-up on my face. I only have Johnson’s Baby Powder in my bag and a lip gloss that will hopefully save my dry lips. My kikay kit contains some of my mom’s old make-ups (which i believe is already expired? LOL!) and those i got from events i’ve attended in the past. I lack knowledge and application on beauty. My hair is rather dry and lame. Bad hair day is normal for me. I only think of hair spas and hot oils during out of town trips. I have a few clothes in my closet. I seriously need to work on this. Amf. I’m lazy.

… but i need to work on this. I need T_T

I want more money – Who doesn’t? I want more moolah. I want more cash. I am really bad in handling finances and i seriously need a financial planner. I want more money, but i want to work hard for it. I want to spend my hard-earned cash and invest on something. I’ll start saving up for my ticket to England. I badly want to see my mom and my brother Carlo before the year ends. I want to see them and since my mom proposed this certain deal to me (I need to buy my own roundtrip ticket due to the bills and other expenses in the household T_T), I am willing to take the risk. I’m good in taking risks anyway πŸ˜›

I want to be with my family– I last hugged my mom before she went back to England last November 2007. I last hugged my big boy Carlo (and smelled his kili-kili) last February 2008. That’s just too long! I need to see them as soon as possible… or should i say before my brother forgets that he his elder sister is in the Philippines longing for his hugs and kisses.

I want to make my grandparents happy – My grandparents will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this October. I want to make that day memorable for them. They are currently based in Dagupan City and goes here in Manila at least once a month. Aside from a tribute video, i’d love to make a short film related to their love story. Theirs is a story of coincidence and second chances. Basta kaaliw hehe πŸ˜›

I want to be a good problogger – I think i am on my way there πŸ™‚ I want to update my blogs more often with quality content and at the same time inspire other bloggers to pursue their wants and dreams. Earning something from it is a bonus πŸ™‚

I want to travel – While browsing at my 2010 planner, I realized that i went to a lot of destinations this year. I wasn’t able to travel much when I was in high school and college because i don’t have enough funds. Thanks to my travel blogger friends and blogging money, I am now exploring the Philippines one province at a time. So many places, so many stories πŸ™‚

I want to write, produce and direct films – I didn’t graduate from film school. I only have one basic writing workshop under my belt, but i have a lot of stories to share. So far, I wrote, direct and produced three short films. These are Kuya Bunso (Family and Autism), The 12th of June (Love and Taking Chances) and Positive (HIV/Social Awareness). I managed to upload some trailers at my YouTube and Facebook accounts and so far, I’m getting good feedbacks.

Though I haven’t really won in any competition, the fact that I was able to transform my vision into a short film is just priceless. I lack sponsors and everyone who worked with me did it for love (naks πŸ˜› ) If only i had more money on the production, i could have made a better film especially in the technical aspects. I have eight concepts on queue and if you’re interested to sponsor, just email me πŸ˜€

Also, I joined in an online movie festival and the voting starts on June 1. I’ll be blogging about it in the coming days and i’m counting on your support πŸ™‚

I want to fall in love… even if it hurts – ‘Nuff Said.

Whew! That’s a pretty long entry! Guess what? I’m sleepy and I am writing a story about my repressed feelings on the other window. Ooops. Coming soon πŸ˜›


13 thoughts on “When a Sleepy Head Doodles

  1. Bryan Karl

    You have so many things that you want. But always remember…

    You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometime, you’ll find, you get what you need.

    πŸ˜€ Makes sense naman diba?

  2. Mark Razonable

    i like the part where you want to write, produce and direct films. That was my dream until our Rizal movie-making came. It made me realize that I need to hone my filming skills ^_^

  3. Micamyx Post author

    @Bryan Karl – Makes sense πŸ™‚ I think you can always get what you want when the right times comes and also if you allot time for it. I’d consider my needs first though πŸ˜›

    @Andrew – I’m excited! Can’t wait to piss you off in a short film haha πŸ˜›

    @rabsin_d – ditto

    @Ada – I want your love, i don’t want to be friends.

    @Mark – Yup! If you have extra money and equipments, try to produce, write and direct one. Take risk at wala kang pagsisisihan, promise πŸ˜€

    @Drake – Lol same age tapos Ate Micz awts πŸ˜› May 2010 be more productive for all of us! Yey!

  4. Micamyx Post author

    @manilenya – Sana nga πŸ™‚

    @Maire – Dude, believe me. Pinakamahirap yung #1 sa totoo lang hahaha :))

  5. Ed

    It’s been awhile since I last doodled and just wrote whatever I could. Maybe I should buy a good notebook again. πŸ˜€


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