My Top 5 Favorite Jennifer Lopez Dance Music Videos

When Jennifer Lopez released the song ‘On The Floor’ a couple of months ago, I was really happy. The versatile superstar is one of my influences when it comes to performing. Her dance hit ‘Waiting for Tonight’ helped me out recover from a surgery when I was 12 years old (dancing two days after the operation hehe) and due to the balanced mix of her songs, I learned to appreciate the different types of dance. Her debut album ‘On the 6’ is one of the best music albums ever (for me, at least.)

Jennifer Lopez sizzles at 41! <3

Now that she’s really back, let me share some of my favorite Jennifer Lopez Dance Videos. FYI, she started out as a dancer for the TV show ‘The Living Color’ and she also appeared in the music video of Janet Jackson for the song ‘That’s The Way Love Goes’. Thanks to her role as Selena at the late-singer’s biopic, Jennifer’s talent was recognized until she emerged as one of Hollywood’s hottest leading lady and she invaded the music scene too!

Jennifer Lopez makes it a point to look fabulous in her music video. For now, I’ll be posting my Top 5 Favorite Jennifer Lopez Dance Music Videos.


– The second single from her new album ‘Love?’. The video was shot in Mexico with Cuban model/actor William Levy (woohoo!). A new version showing Lil Wayne sing his lines was uploaded at JLO’s Vevo Channel recently. The dance sequence which features her other song ‘Papi’ perfectly fits the look and feel of the song. Wow, Jennifer Lopez can still shake that booty at 41! You already! Hehehe πŸ˜›


– The debut single from her sophomore album ‘JLO’. I remember catching MTV’s Making The Video at midnight just to see how they shot the video ten years ago πŸ˜› It’s actually where JLO got close to her former husband named Chris (he’s at the left of Jennifer at the dance sequence part).


-Jennifer’s first music video! When I first saw the video, i was amazed with the concept. Already an internet addict with the dream of having a website where i can show some videos of my favorite artists, i ended up requesting this video two times at MTV select (via phone and fax to Singapore hahaha). See how expensive it is before to request for your favorite music video? Now, we have YouTube and other video sites. The video features our latina singer dance in different styles.


– One of her most energetic dance videos. I think this song was released sometime in 2005 (apparently, the last song i performed as a member of the LNU Dance Troupe). I love the dance sequence and there’s just too many Jennifers in the video! πŸ˜›


– Inspired by the movie ‘Flashdance’. Whew! This video really made me want to take up rigid dance lessons! Just watch this video and for sure, it will be your favorite Jennifer Lopez Dance Video too! πŸ˜€

There you have it! Jennifer Lopez is truly one amazing performer! I’m glad that she’s back on track and yes, inspiring me to dance once more!

Do you like Jennifer Lopez? Mind to share your favorite JLO videos?


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  1. peppyvagabond

    Jlo! waaah. It’s amazing how she was able to maintain her great skin and figure after 10 years. I particularly like the video of “love don’t cost a thing” because she’s sooo hot there. Fast forward video to last few seconds where she took off her top. haha


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