i.PH Powerpuff Reunion

Cai Maki Mica . Mica Maki Cai. Maki Cai Mica . Maki Mica Cai.

If you’re thinking that I am trying to make my own tongue twister here, then you’re wrong.

I started out blogging actively in Livejournal back in 2004. After two years, I decided to make my own public account at i.pH after browsing Sexy Nomad’s blog.

I met a lot of Β i.ph bloggers way back in early 2007. The interface is user-friendly and even the other i.phers were happy to be with virtually.

I met Cai at the iBlog3. Ate Sasha introduced me to her and Louis. After which, we became good friend. I later on found out that we have the same part-time job with the same boss too. We would comment on each other’s blog entries and chat thru YM from time to time.Β 

I personally met Maki at the iBlog4, but we’ve been exchanging comments and ideas a year before we saw each other. If I remember it right, I was the one who introduced her to BlogToProfit, one of the programs that made me a bit rich way back LOL.

The three of us bonded at the iBlog4 and the 88db party. Together with the rest of the i.pH people, we did talk about a lot of stuff – blogging, earning money, photography, isaw, relationships, schools, magazine, our blogger crushes and chickens LOL. Since then, the three of us were tagged by Peter and Ade as the “i.ph powerpuff girls”.

I spent my 21st birthday with them. We ate at a French restaurant at Serendra and they made me really happy. By June, Cai was already busy working at dotPH and Maki was employed as an email marketing specialist at US Autoparts. By July, I became an employee too.

The three of us would later on concentrate on our respective careers and love lifes. Sometimes I’d meet up with Cai. There are also times wherein I’d meet up with Maki. So when was the last time the three of us went out together? Hmmmm… Can’t remember the exact date, but I remember a red Vios and Yaris πŸ˜€

So why am I writing this entry? Wala lang LOL. The three of us managed to take a picture as a group last Saturday in an undisclosed location. Here it is:

Pink Urinal, Dagupena Dreamer and NoNeed4Ink

Thanks to Adaphobic for the pic


So there. The three of us managed to get our own personal domains later on. Cai has a number of personal blogs (she has a LOT lol) but she is currently promoting Pink Urinal – a fashion and beauty blog and Technopink – a tech blog of a pink geek πŸ˜› Maki is now concentrating in photoblogging. You can view her works at Maki Eduardo Photoblog. As for me, well… yeah nyok πŸ˜€ You’re on my personal blog already πŸ˜€


How will I end this post? Simple lang,


16 thoughts on “i.PH Powerpuff Reunion

  1. Peter "The Mordo" Juan

    I’m glad to see that your friendship is still going strong. It warms my heart you know. For a while I did look at you three, like I did a lot of i.phers, as my “children”. It’s weird I know but hey, I really am happy for you gals.

  2. janus

    yikes! and where’s mojojojo?! oh, gawd – ako pla yun! hahaha.. where’s professor louis? hehe.. its nice to see the three of you in a pic.. keep your friendship going strong ah! i’ll see you this feb here in davao? hekhek..

  3. Micamyx Post author

    @Jehzeel – Yey! πŸ˜€ binasa ko ulit yung comment mo about my birthday lol ngayon close na tayo haha πŸ˜›

    @Peter – You’re still our Daddy Peter πŸ˜€ Thanks for being there for us especially when the three of us were starting out with our respective careers πŸ™‚

    @Janus – Waaaah ikaw lang kulang dati huhu dapat pumunta ka na dito sa Manila! πŸ˜› Actually my balak kami mag-Davao pero i-sked pa weee

    @Ade – *hugs*

    @Winston – Una rin namin na-meet si Batang Yagit nung 88db hehe hindi siya nanalo ng psp tsktsk πŸ˜€

  4. Maki

    Awww..I really can’t forget the first time I met you and Cai..it’s like we all knew each other for so long from sharing things from our blogs! πŸ˜€ I like how the 3 of us help each other when we have problems or just wanna have fun! ^_^ hahaha *hugz*

  5. Maki

    BTW, you were really the one who introduced me to BLogToProfit! Thanks for also making me rich for a while! hahaha =))

    Sniff..now I stopped earning from blogging. I wonder how i’ll start again. :p

  6. Micamyx Post author

    @Jhelo – Salamat Jhelo! πŸ˜€

    @Janus – Dapat may pera at oras ka para sa amin amf lol

    @Maki – Oo nga eh. Parang super duper sisters na agad hehehe πŸ™‚ Sayang yung BTP after 4 months wala na offers LOL

  7. Cai

    Oh, the red vios and the red yaris. how could i not forget. πŸ˜›
    nYok ang saya naman ng post mo na ito hahaha
    I miss you girls, let’s go out ulit. hihi


  8. Louis

    Parang kailan lang nung nagkakilala kayong tatlo ah. Sana mas magkaroon kayo ng time na magbonding as a group. Hindi yung by pair palagi at kulang ng isa. Haha. More power!

  9. Micamyx Post author

    @Louis – Sana nga hahaha pasaway eh its either kmi ni Maki or kami ni Cai o si Maki at Cai magkasama lolz


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