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Weird Dreams are Made of These

Since I’m stuck at home most of the time, the temptation to take a nap from time to time is there. I have a problem with my sleeping pattern and I believe that it is getting worse.

Dream or Reality?

For example, I sleep at 8am then my grandparents wakes me up at 11:30am to eat lunch with them. At times, I go straight to the bathroom so I can fully wake up but these days, I’ve been going back to bed to sleep some more. It must be the weather and being a freelancer has some disadvantages too. You tend to be a bit more relaxed and you feel like you can do some tasks any time of the day. The bed weather contributes a lot to my tardiness lately. I can’t even carry myself to go to the nearest Mini Stop store.

Anyway, I would like to share some weird dreams of mine. I don’t know if Cinemalaya hangover has something to do with this but I can’t help but laugh on my reactions after every episode in my dream channel. I panicked, got worried, nearly cried and all of a sudden, i want to fall in love LOL. Meh. Yeah, Love. What? 😛

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The Beautiful Possibilities of Simplicity

Last Wednesday, I went back to Dagupan City (just after two weeks!) to accompany my grandfather and I originally planned to go to Binalonan (my mother’s hometown) and go with my blogger friends to Bolinao for the weekend, but neither of them happened. I ended up just spending most of my time at a newly-opened coffee shop to work on some blog posts and interact with some online friends.

Dreaming of Manila

I am also quite amused on the developments of my beloved hometown. New coffee shops, food establishments,  shopping malls, hotels among others are being developed. Finally, Dagupan City is open for some big changes!

Five years ago, I was a student who wanted to graduate right away. Instead of taking it slow and study for four years, I graduated one semester earlier than my batchmates. The reason? I wanted to leave Dagupan City immediately and pursue a career in Metro Manila.

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City of Dreams: Wishing that Everything was Real

Last April, me and the three of my girl friends went to Macau for a much-deserved weekend trip. We didn’t have any itinerary and the hotel was booked the last minute. We even had our own misadventure trip during our first night there but i’d rather not disclose it here for now. Pilitin n’yo ako at sasabihin ko LOL


I am currently uploading some photos taken during that trip while playing the song ‘Tracking Treasure Down’ (thus the title). I remember falling in love with Macau after we stepped out of the plane. I fell deeply in love when we started walking through the tall buildings with real cool lights. They’re enchanting and the cold weather somewhat made me feel like i’m in Europe or somewhere else.

The next day, we had the opportunity to gallivant and my favorite destination is the City of Dreams. We were able to catch the Bubble Show and it was really amazing. While looking at the pictures now, it made me remember how i felt while the show was ongoing.

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