Weird Dreams are Made of These

Since I’m stuck at home most of the time, the temptation to take a nap from time to time is there. I have a problem with my sleeping pattern and I believe that it is getting worse.

Dream or Reality?

For example, I sleep at 8am then my grandparents wakes me up at 11:30am to eat lunch with them. At times, I go straight to the bathroom so I can fully wake up but these days, I’ve been going back to bed to sleep some more. It must be the weather and being a freelancer has some disadvantages too. You tend to be a bit more relaxed and you feel like you can do some tasks any time of the day. The bed weather contributes a lot to my tardiness lately. I can’t even carry myself to go to the nearest Mini Stop store.

Anyway, I would like to share some weird dreams of mine. I don’t know if Cinemalaya hangover has something to do with this but I can’t help but laugh on my reactions after every episode in my dream channel. I panicked, got worried, nearly cried and all of a sudden, i want to fall in love LOL. Meh. Yeah, Love. What? 😛

Dream #1 : Wearing my high school uniform, I am with my classmates and we were reviewing for our exam. If I remember it right, one is busy writing a kodigo where all the formulas were written. Instead of reminding them that we might get caught and not make it on graduation day, I encouraged them to write some more LOL.

The examination hour came and our teacher (uh oh i can’t even remember who) roam around then all of a sudden, a crumpled kodigo was thrown at me. I recall being nervous then the teacher asked me to submit my blank testpaper asap. I am not afraid to fail as a student, but i don’t really like the idea of disappointing my family especially my grandfather.

Then we were locked in the principal’s office and the secretary shouted that ‘Cheaters never win’. I peaked at the window and saw the rest of my batchmates in their white togas while I am in the same area, but imprisoned. So frustrating and it’s already late in the evening. I cried and kept on saying that I regret what we did. Someone opened the door then I woke up. I saw Ate Lenny and informed me ‘Mica, kain na daw kayo sabi ng lolo mo’.

I ran to the dining room and asked what time is it. It’s 11:30am and i slept at 10am. Meh. I even said sorry and my grandparents were puzzled on why i said sorry. I said ‘nothing’. Whew. I’m glad i’m done with school!


Dream #2: The next dream is all about a job application. I passed in two interviews then the last interview is with the CEO of the company. Not the exact dialogue, but here are the detals:

CEO: Congratulations, you made it this far!

Me: Thank you for the opportunity

CEO: You need to sign a contract bond good for three years. You are only allowed to go on vacation and sick leave combined twice a year and you need to work for us six times a week full-time for the compensation package of Php 50,000 a month. Your work schedule is from 9AM to 9PM. You have the opportunity to go on business trips too, but you have to go back and report to the office the next day.

Me: So even my weekends are occupied?

CEO: Yes. You will attend events for the company. You will love that, I guarantee

Me: No thanks. I want to live my life.

Walkout with my floral dress and high heels on. While in the elevator, I saw some stressed corporate individuals.

I woke up because of a phone call. It turned out to be another sideline opportunity. I feel blessed and alive.


Dream # 3: Happy road trip with my dad. It is a journey of father-daughter trying to patch things up. I won’t disclose the full details, but i woke up crying and hugging my pillow.


Dreams do really get crazy. Some were saying that our worries and wants are reflected in our dreams. I dunno. What i like and at the same time dislike about dreaming is the fact that it gets weird as it goes on and on and on… and it feels so real.

Have you encountered a number of weird dreams lately? Share!


4 thoughts on “Weird Dreams are Made of These

  1. mark

    Well mine, it’s not really weird but I would love if it’ll happen for real. This being late of mine at school – it’s been haunting me in my dreams too. In my dream, I’m still late. I remember some teacher rebuking me for my tardiness and stuff. I did nothing and let every word pass by my ears. Then she said “Sit down open your book and turn to page 87, then READ everything – when you’re done we will have a long test! Then I stood up and said “This is self study, I can read all these at home – So I’m going home now.Bye!”. Everyone was staring at me, I was still sleepy so I just gave them a big lousy YAAWWWNN and went home.LOL

  2. BPS

    Before, I always dream of mountains if I haven’t climbed for maximum of 3 weeks. What’s weird is that I have stopped dreaming. Kinda makes me sad.


    my latest dream was i am bitten by the snake and before that we had a mutual misunderstanding with my aunt2x because of the heresays. when i woke up i just reflect it to the reality that when i kept on fighting with her maybe she will get more and more mad with me. the snake maybe a symbol that i should not fight back to her so that it will not worsen the situation.


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