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City of Dreams: Wishing that Everything was Real

Last April, me and the three of my girl friends went to Macau for a much-deserved weekend trip. We didn’t have any itinerary and the hotel was booked the last minute. We even had our own misadventure trip during our first night there but i’d rather not disclose it here for now. Pilitin n’yo ako at sasabihin ko LOL


I am currently uploading some photos taken during that trip while playing the song ‘Tracking Treasure Down’ (thus the title). I remember falling in love with Macau after we stepped out of the plane. I fell deeply in love when we started walking through the tall buildings with real cool lights. They’re enchanting and the cold weather somewhat made me feel like i’m in Europe or somewhere else.

The next day, we had the opportunity to gallivant and my favorite destination is the City of Dreams. We were able to catch the Bubble Show and it was really amazing. While looking at the pictures now, it made me remember how i felt while the show was ongoing.

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