A Reunion Story

The major reason on why i decided to embark on a trip to the United Kingdom is mainly for my family. I think everybody knows that now since i’ve been telling that in some of my blog posts and social media accounts. Of course, the #1 reason would be my brother, Carlo.

We're going to Greenhills and dine at Jollibee (2007)

Some people might find it ‘korny’ when i tell them that i really miss my brother so much. You see, he is now fifteen years old and i am already twenty three years old. Usually, siblings of our age are not the affectionate type. In the normal setting, siblings with such age gaps are not that close at all. Most probably the eldest will be a bit reluctant to kiss her younger brother in public. Maybe hugging is already a big no-no.

Before Carlo left the Philippines (February 2008)

When Carlo left the Philippines in early 2008, it was really painful. Let’s just say that my life revolved around him. I’d take some freelance jobs at work and some paid reviews at my blog just to save up for a Jollibee meal for him. Everything i earned was for him and i really liked it when he eats too much πŸ˜› He is my constant companion at home and we usually spend the weekends playing our favorite songs and watching TV.

Living with a ‘special’ sibling is indeed really special in different perspective. I believe that through the years, he taught me how to be patient, be considerate and widen my understanding. When he left, I was heartbroken. I know though that it is for his own good and that soon, we will see each other again.

Mama and Carlo in one of our Skype sessions last year

Now fast forward to 2010. I often have Skype sessions with my mom and i’d ask him to get Carlo to talk to me or simply say hi. I always cry whenever i see him hugging my mom. I miss his being malambing to me (especially if he wants something LOL). The funny thing there is in some of our Skype conversations, i can only see his forehead. He was kissing my face on the screen pala LOL πŸ˜›

I arrived at the Birmingham International Airport at 12:20pm. I was surprised with the weather because it was really, really cold! My mom together with Ate Virgie happily hugged me when i arrived. ‘ Sa wakas, kasama ko na yung Baby Girl ko this Christmas!’. I can see in my mom’s eyes that she is really happy to see me, although i know she’s also disappointed when she saw my super dark skin (Sorry mom, I am a well-traveled individual in the Philippines LOL πŸ˜› ) We took the train all the way to Rugby.

‘What time will Carlo arrive from school?’ I asked my mom. ‘4PM. Hintayin mo muna bago ka matulog’ she suggested.

So I did.

3PM – He’s not yet around. I am sooo excited already because i’d like to see his reaction once he sees me again.

4PM- Someone knocked on the door. My mom opened the door and Carlo entered the house and bid farewell to the school bus driver. I was standing at the stairs and said ‘Hi Carlo!’.

He looked at me eye-to-eye for a few seconds. Enthusiasm in my face turned into a state of confusion because my brother is already as tall as me! When he left the Philippines, he was just twelve years old. Now, a fifteen year old kid… teen is already standing infront of me.

And he started ignoring me. I followed him to the kitchen, to his room, to my mom’s room and to the dining room. I was already crying because i was trying to hug him yet the feeling is weird. He then closed his eyes with his hands and took a deep breath. I don’t really know what was going through his mind, but i think he was trying to figure out if he is dreaming or what. We’ve been Skyping, but he hasn’t seen me for years. It also felt weird on my part because he’s a big boy now.

I cried like a little girl being deprived of eating candies at the dining room. ‘Pabayaan mo muna baka naga-adjust pa’. I just couldn’t absorb everything that was happening.

First photo taken from Carlo's camera

After a few minutes, he went back to the sala. This time, he brought his camera with him. He asked me if we can have a photo together.

Then we clicked… again!

One of our Piclyf entries πŸ˜€

Since then, the two of us became close again. Just today, we were watching some videos from YouTube since we’re under house arrest. We’re both sick due to the weather (Oh yes, Merry Christmas!). We went to his favorite restaurant, shopped at a nearby grocery store, walked at the town holding hands, visited him at his school before the start of the Holiday break and now we are listening to our favorite music together. Just like the old days.

We're sick - but still happy together πŸ™‚

Being with Carlo gave me all the reasons to stay here… or should i say gave me enough reason just in case i decide to finally move in here. It won’t be easy though, but it is a risk i am willing to take especially now that i know in the coming years, he will be entering in a big leap in his life as an individual. I can’t disclose that for now because it is a personal matter.

Carlo is such a sweetheart πŸ™‚ He is so cute yet adorable! He improved a lot now and it is nice to know that he is actually a darling at school. Now it will be harder for me to leave him once i ride my return flight to the Philippines. T_T For now, i will cherish every moment. I love Carlo πŸ™‚


12 thoughts on “A Reunion Story

  1. Josh

    Sana umabot to Mica sa PBA… Top post of the year for 2010… labas na labas emotions mo dito… πŸ™‚ Happy for you, pero bumalik ka ah?!? πŸ™‚ Merry Christmas to you and your Family πŸ™‚ yung lovelife post nalang hinihintay ko,hahaha

  2. che

    Merry Christmas, Mica.

    Wishing you and your family a joyous and wonderful Christmas! Enjoy your stay there.

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  3. Jakey Junkie

    You guys really look so cute. Cheers to both of you!

    This post also kind of reminded me about the fact that it took me around seven years before I met my brother for the first time. πŸ™‚

    Merry Christmas. Cheers!

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  4. Ada

    AHHAHAHA!! Super liit ni Carlo dun oh!! Ang cute!! Hihihihi!!
    LOL, natatawa lang ako nung dumating ka diyan, ilang pa siya eh haha!

    Ngayon kiss na ng kiss!

    Merry Christmas badet!!!

  5. pusang-kalye

    naotuch naman ako ng major major dito. bawat bitaw ng mga sentences mo parang kurot sakin. lalo yung part na nagkita na kayo. naimagine ko sarili ko don—yung anticipation ng reaction ng kapatid mo and the feeling you get na finally nayayakap at nakakausap mo na sya. I am happy for you Mica……

    …at sandali–mukhang me pahiwatig na mag mimigrate kanarin sa UK soon?


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