Bubbly Maki the Sushi turns 23!

I would like to take this opportunity to greet my online friend turned barkada Maria Kristina De Guzman Eduardo a.k.a. Maki a happy, happy birthday!

Just last year, Maki and the rest of the Nyokers got closer. I assume that the regular readers of her blog are aware of the fact that the year 2009 served as one of the most challenging years of her life. She is like a passenger in a rollercoaster ride – she can be very, very scared and angry. Later on, she is in her happiest mood.

Someone just turned 23 today!

Being Maki’s friend is not easy (LOLOLOL I kid :P). She can be unpredictable at times, but we understand her. Just late last year, she followed in Cebu and later on stayed on her own to take pictures and spend some ‘me’ time. When she got back, she wanted to do something relevant in her life. She wants to change into a stronger woman who is capable of dealing with problems coming her way – no matter how small or big that is. She wants to bring her old happy self back and she wants to push through with a career she loves. Wait, did i mention that she is also a sweet friend?

I am happy that she started year 2010 with a bang – renewed style in terms of dressing up and dealing with people and yes, she is doing very well in her job! I just love reading her Tweets related to work. You can really sense that she is indeed happy with the projects entrusted to her by the company. Who wouldn’t be proud of that? 😛

Just last Thursday, we had a short yet memorable dinner at Savory and Krispy Kreme. You can really see that she is happier now and contented. You rarely hear her complain about things and she is now open with suggestions from her friends. Also, two weeks ago, she did treat me out for a Shabu-Shabu dinner at Gloria Maris. Though I was terribly sick that day, we managed to discuss things that made me sigh that ‘Finally, Maki is doing oh-so-fine! She is now a woman!” LOL 😛

A Taste of Happy Life

Maki's Bite to a Happy Life!

Maki the Sushi, the one and only Bubbles of the Powerpuff Girls, just keep it up! We are happy for you and just remember that we are here to support you in everything you do. Just keep on running and reach your goals. But wait, ‘wag ka naman masyadong takbo ng takbo ha? LOL

Again, Happy Birthday to you, Ate Maki! 😛


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