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How Jade Lopez surprised me!

It is no secret that I am a fan of Jade Lopez during her Starstruck days. I can say that Starstruck helped me in a good way in terms of diverting my energy and attention to it. As a high school student, I experienced a number of ups and downs in terms of my personal and academic life. Watching these fourteen teenagers outshine each other became a good outlet for me. You can also blame the show on why I became addicted to online forums and eventually, blogs.

Jade in her normal self before the pictorial

Jade in her normal self before the pictorial

It is also no secret that among her female batch mates, Jade Lopez is rarely seen or heard on the previous years. Jennylyn Mercado won, had a baby and bounced back in the scene with flying colors. Yasmien Kurdi starred in a number of teleseryes as lead actress before she pursued her dream to study a medical course. Nadine Samonte is still there and starting anew with TV5, Katrina Halili gone through a lot and is currently stuck in kontrabida roles, Sheena Halili is consistent on being Kapuso’s favorite sidekick and Cristine Reyes is one of the most popular female stars of ABS-CBN and Viva Entertainment.

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Just For Laughs: Ada singing Japanese Song

This afternoon, Ada tagged me on Facebook. Apparently, she uploaded a new video this morning direct from her webcam. She appeared in most of my funny vids at PROJECT52WEEKS last year and this one made me really roll on the floor – literally.

Here’s Ada singing a Japanese song (ok, it’s the Doreamon theme LOL). I wonder why she chose that song. Maybe she missed her special someone who is currently based in Japan.

She tagged only me, but since i think the rest of our friends deserve a good laugh today, i ended up tagging our close friends. Winston even commented that this video should go viral, and it is a good idea! Why not, chocnut?

Why am i blogging about this? Well, I want her to be famous and this must go viral. Let’s see if her morning boredom will result to something life-changing 😛 Go Badet!

Why Flaircandy Rocks!

Two years ago, I met a Camille Prats look-alike at the afterparty of Wordcamp PH 2008. A common friend introduced me to her and i originally thought she’s one of the representatives of Nuffnang Philippines, which was about to launch in the country. I later on found out that she is friends with a number of Malaysian bloggers that’s why she knows some details about Nuffnang.

Micamyx and Flaircandy in Singapore (October 2009)

Micamyx and Flaircandy in Singapore (October 2009)

To be honest, I was a bit intimidated when I first saw her. She’s young, pretty, works in an international bank, she can drive cars (and men like crazy LOL), she’s updated with the latest gadgets, she’s sporty and she can sing and dance. Who wouldn’t be intimidated with this charmer, eh?!

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