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Why Flaircandy Rocks!

Two years ago, I met a Camille Prats look-alike at the afterparty of Wordcamp PH 2008. A common friend introduced me to her and i originally thought she’s one of the representatives of Nuffnang Philippines, which was about to launch in the country. I later on found out that she is friends with a number of Malaysian bloggers that’s why she knows some details about Nuffnang.

Micamyx and Flaircandy in Singapore (October 2009)

Micamyx and Flaircandy in Singapore (October 2009)

To be honest, I was a bit intimidated when I first saw her. She’s young, pretty, works in an international bank, she can drive cars (and men like crazy LOL), she’s updated with the latest gadgets, she’s sporty and she can sing and dance. Who wouldn’t be intimidated with this charmer, eh?!

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To My Dearest Friend Ada

One of the highlights in my blog last year are my birthday posts dedicated to my blogger barkada friends collectively known as ‘The Nyoks’. I didn’t forget their birthdays and I wrote my personal messages for them complete with pictures. Due to my trip to Cebu and Singapore last year, I failed to write a birthday entry for two of my closest girl pals and one of them is the one and only crazy yet admirable blogger named Ada Lajara of Adaphobic.com.


I am here right now in Cafe Amoree in General Santos with the SEX Bloggers (SOCCSKSARGEN Experience BLOGGERS lolz). When we planned this trip, Ada is a part of it. But she needs to stay in Manila for now and celebrate her birthday with some of the special people in her life πŸ˜€

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Bente Tres

I’m turning twenty three years old a few hours from now. When I was nineteen years old, a friend of mine who has psychic powers predicted that things will change in my life once I turn twenty three in terms of career, love and life in general.

We did it, Honey Bee :P

We did it, Honey Bee πŸ˜›

Taurus people are known for being creative and emotional and I agree on that. I want to be emo right now, but I just can’t. Looking back at the previous months, I can say that I am really blessed – I’ve been to many places (Cebu, Tagaytay, Pampanga, Subic, Palawan, Dumaguete, Sumilon Island, Macau and Davao – From January to April pa lang ‘yan!), I still have a stable job (nothing beats getting paid doing what you really love to do!), My blogs are now improving (though less updated LOL), I have three short films under my belt (with the help of my talented friends, of course!), My online and offline friends are supportive and yes, i’ll be reunited with my mom and brother in England this November!

The only thing that I lack right now is my love life, but heck, I’m just twenty three years old. That can wait πŸ˜›

For the meantime, I would like to share my very own ‘wish list’.  I don’t really require (require talaga ginamit na term LOL) my friends or relatives to give me any of which, but I simply want to post it here.

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