Just For Laughs: Ada singing Japanese Song

This afternoon, Ada tagged me on Facebook. Apparently, she uploaded a new video this morning direct from her webcam. She appeared in most of my funny vids at PROJECT52WEEKS last year and this one made me really roll on the floor – literally.

Here’s Ada singing a Japanese song (ok, it’s the Doreamon theme LOL). I wonder why she chose that song. Maybe she missed her special someone who is currently based in Japan.

She tagged only me, but since i think the rest of our friends deserve a good laugh today, i ended up tagging our close friends. Winston even commented that this video should go viral, and it is a good idea! Why not, chocnut?

Why am i blogging about this? Well, I want her to be famous and this must go viral. Let’s see if her morning boredom will result to something life-changing πŸ˜› Go Badet!


15 thoughts on “Just For Laughs: Ada singing Japanese Song

  1. Ada

    Mica hahahhaha!! I never thought marami matatawa dito nagulat na lang ako pagdating ko bahay puro tawa comments, I’m happy though I made my friends laugh out loud with this! And yeah, missing my boyfie soo much unconsciously sang this LOOL. I hope he won’t find this LOL!!!

  2. helen

    huhu di ko makita dito sa office PC. mamaya dadalaw ako ulit. nakita ko din yata ito sa FB kaso saglit lang ako nag-online nun. hi mica! πŸ˜€

  3. Micamyx Post author

    @Helen – Hello Helen! Watch it para matanggal ang stress haha πŸ˜›

    @Halojin – Hello πŸ˜›

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