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Dance With My Father

Some girls turn sentimental whenever they hear this classic hit from Luther Vandross. To be honest, I only know the title of this song. I never bothered to read the lyrics nor look for the song on YouTube or any other music site.

Until that awkward moment came along.

In one of my recent trips, I shared an impromptu videoke session with some close friends of mine. I consider it as a spontaneous thing even if the machine was rented for the family to use. The presence of three friends made it a bit more special as we sing songs for the brokenhearted, opm favorites and even random pop songs of different generation. Still, I struggled to score a bit higher. Madaya ang videoke machine!

You just realize the meaning of songs while reading the lyrics on the screen. A good friend of mine entered his next singing piece (he is the best singer among us – suko na kami!) and just like in any usual kantahan session, we were all eager to add our selected songs.

Now it is his turn to shine (again). Before singing his ballad song. He mentioned this:

“Hindi ako nakaka-relate sa kantang ito, pero alam ko yung isa d’yan oo” (I cannot relate to this song, but I know that one of you will).


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Someone’s Watching Over Me

After sharing my oh-so-funny-and-unusual airport experience from my Manila – Cebu flight last week, let me share to you the ’emo’ or ‘sentimental’ side of the trip.

Although I am sentimental all-year round, I can say that the ‘peak’ season of my emo-ness falls on July and December. It is the month of my dad’s death anniversary (July) and his birth month (December). For this year, I found myself in Cebu, which I consider as one of my favorite places in the Philippines. I dunno…. there’s something about Cebu that makes me happy and at the same time dramatic. Is it because of the people? I think yes. I have some good friends there that never fails to cheer me up and you can also talk to them about serious matters. The Food? Naman! The ambiance? I guess so. It is a city that is not as chaotic as Manila. If I had a choice, I’d move there or in Davao.

Maybe he is seated here beside me...

Prior to the Cebu trip, I felt a bit guilty. You know, me having fun with my friends while I should be ‘celebrating’ my dad’s supposed 48th birthday that week. After all these years, I chose to just be happy than sulk. I am enjoying but I never forget him. Never will I and I think he really made sure that I will not forget his birthday. Let me share to you some instances:

NOTE: If you are no sentimental fool, don’t read LOL.

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Way Back to my Hometown

My trip to Dagupan City the other weekend is quite productive even if I only spent four days there. Now I appreciate the importance of going back to your hometown and revisiting some of the important people who you were with while growing up. I went back to Binalonan, my mother’s hometown after three years of not visiting my relatives there. I am not proud of my sort of negligence of visiting them, but I think they do understand.

Tigpi-pisong tsitsirya sa munting tindahan sa Binalonan

A lot of things have changed: Some of my cousins are now devoted parents to their kids and our ancestral house has a sari-sari store installed on it. I bought a lot of junk foods that cost around one peso per pack. I spent Php15 all in all =P It is also nice to visit and appreciate the simple and relaxed provincial life in the Philippines.

It is also nice to exchange views with my older female cousins. We were there just updating about what happened to our lives in the past three years. They asked me about my former job at a controversial medical clinic, the Pinoy celebrities I met, my Pinoy Parazzi articles (they bought some copies yehey!) and about my non-existing lovelife. I am already twenty four and people are expecting me to settle down. Settle Down? Not now, I guess. With whom? That is yet to be revealed soon.

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