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Someone’s Watching Over Me

After sharing my oh-so-funny-and-unusual airport experience from my Manila – Cebu flight last week, let me share to you the ’emo’ or ‘sentimental’ side of the trip.

Although I am sentimental all-year round, I can say that the ‘peak’ season of my emo-ness falls on July and December. It is the month of my dad’s death anniversary (July) and his birth month (December). For this year, I found myself in Cebu, which I consider as one of my favorite places in the Philippines. I dunno…. there’s something about Cebu that makes me happy and at the same time dramatic. Is it because of the people? I think yes. I have some good friends there that never fails to cheer me up and you can also talk to them about serious matters. The Food? Naman! The ambiance? I guess so. It is a city that is not as chaotic as Manila. If I had a choice, I’d move there or in Davao.

Maybe he is seated here beside me...

Prior to the Cebu trip, I felt a bit guilty. You know, me having fun with my friends while I should be ‘celebrating’ my dad’s supposed 48th birthday that week. After all these years, I chose to just be happy than sulk. I am enjoying but I never forget him. Never will I and I think he really made sure that I will not forget his birthday. Let me share to you some instances:

NOTE: If you are no sentimental fool, don’t read LOL.

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