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Dance With My Father

Some girls turn sentimental whenever they hear this classic hit from Luther Vandross. To be honest, I only know the title of this song. I never bothered to read the lyrics nor look for the song on YouTube or any other music site.

Until that awkward moment came along.

In one of my recent trips, I shared an impromptu videoke session with some close friends of mine. I consider it as a spontaneous thing even if the machine was rented for the family to use. The presence of three friends made it a bit more special as we sing songs for the brokenhearted, opm favorites and even random pop songs of different generation. Still, I struggled to score a bit higher. Madaya ang videoke machine!

You just realize the meaning of songs while reading the lyrics on the screen. A good friend of mine entered his next singing piece (he is the best singer among us – suko na kami!) and just like in any usual kantahan session, we were all eager to add our selected songs.

Now it is his turn to shine (again). Before singing his ballad song. He mentioned this:

“Hindi ako nakaka-relate sa kantang ito, pero alam ko yung isa d’yan oo” (I cannot relate to this song, but I know that one of you will).


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