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Micamyx and Adaphobic on Tek Tok TV

Guesting on a TV show with one of your craziest blogger friend on a Saturday is fun! Yesterday, Ada Lajara of Adaphobic and I went to Global News Network’s studio for the advanced taping of Tek Tok TV. It is a tech show aired every Wednesday morning in Destiny Cable’s Global News Network. It is hosted by Vince Golangco of and of course, my ever sexy friend Hannah Villasis of

Mica and Ada with Vince before the final take

Mica and Ada with Vince before the final take

Ada and I were quite excited when we received the invitation from Vince to finally guest on the show. Usually, the blogger feature part is concentrated on one blogger per show. I guess two is better than one especially if the two bloggers featured on the episode share a lot of things in common.  During the interview, we were able to share some of our personal insights about blogging, the benefits of being a blogger and gave random tips for the newbies. The fun part is when we were asked to narrate on how Ada and I became good friends and we were able to share some of our travel pictures (then I realized we’ve to a LOT of places already! 😛 )

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Watch ‘The 12th of June’ Movie Online For Free!

Are you looking for the trailer of ‘The 12th of June’ starring Jade Lopez? Do you want to watch the full version of ‘The 12th of June’ online for free? Guess what? You’ll get it here for free!

Ok, that sounded spammy 😐 But I’m telling the truth!

Eloisa (Jade Lopez) and Robert (Brian Ong) June 12, 2008 scene

The full version of my second short film ‘The 12th of June’ is finally up online! It is included as one of the competing films at’s online movie festival. It is my first time to join in such kind of contest and I’ll be needing your help!

For the meantime, let me share to you the trailer of ‘The 12th of June‘ with the synopsis found below:

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Woohoo! New Blog Theme Up!

I am excited to inform everyone that after two years (ermm… almost), I finally have a new personalized theme!

I would like to thank the Lajara sisters Ada and Sab for this wonderful birthday gift! To be honest, I am really in love with my old blog theme (the one with an emo girl at the header LOL). I love it due to its simplicity. I want my blog visitors to focus more on my content rather than the design or anything else.


Months ago, a close blogger friend of mine advised me to change my blog theme for a change. He had a constructive remark (i’d like to believe it is constructive hehe) that my old blog look doesn’t really look good in other browsers (which is true, btw). I tried to look for other free wordpress themes, but I failed to find the perfect theme for me. I am a fan of the traditional blog look and the themes wherein the categories are at the main page somewhat gives me too much pressure to blog.

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