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POSITIVE (Short Film) at yourindiefilm.com

Last year, I was able to work on my third short film. It was something that I conceptualized after I finished editing my two previous films (Kuya Bunso and The 12th of June). I originally planned to make a five minute ‘infomercial’ that can raise awareness on HIV with no dialogues. I ended up playing with the main characters until it became a 17 minute screenplay.

The cast and crew of 'Positive' after shooting a complicated scene

The story of POSITIVE revolves around Celine Antonio, a young married promiscuous woman who is about to face the consequences of her infidelity. Is this based on a specific true story? Nope, but it is inspired from true events.

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Why I Love Jade Lopez – The Real Survivor!

STARSTRUCK BATCH 1: They dreamed, believed and survived!

STARSTRUCK BATCH 1: They dreamed, believed and survived!


Yes I really am! I was one of those high school students who got hooked and thrilled with the very first reality-based artista search in the Philippines. I was one of those internet addicts who would regularly post in forums and Yahoo Groups just to keep in touch with co-fanatics. You can ask me some information about them and there is a big chance that I’d give you the right answer.

I am not really sure if you are a regular viewer of the show, but some of its popular graduates of the first batch include Jennylyn Mercado, Mark Herras, Yasmien Kurdi, Rainier Castillo, Katrina Halili, Tyron Perez and Cristine Reyes.

Although the 14 Starstruck finalists were all talented and good-looking, there’s this one girl whom I really liked among the rest. Her name is Jade Lopez.

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Watch ‘The 12th of June’ Movie Online For Free!

Are you looking for the trailer of ‘The 12th of June’ starring Jade Lopez? Do you want to watch the full version of ‘The 12th of June’ online for free? Guess what? You’ll get it here for free!

Ok, that sounded spammy 😐 But I’m telling the truth!

Eloisa (Jade Lopez) and Robert (Brian Ong) June 12, 2008 scene

The full version of my second short film ‘The 12th of June’ is finally up online! It is included as one of the competing films at yourindiefilm.com’s online movie festival. It is my first time to join in such kind of contest and I’ll be needing your help!

For the meantime, let me share to you the trailer of ‘The 12th of June‘ with the synopsis found below:

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