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Last Thursday, I did a bit of Pinoy movie marathon. I haven’t blogged about my Cinemalaya 2014 experience and even a review of other movies I’ve seen this year. I may have imposed a travel ban supposedly to save up, but I end up spending money on watching movies and I don’t regret it.

Somebody to Love Movie Poster

Somebody to Love Movie Poster

Somebody to Love is a star-studded romantic-comedy film under Regal Films. The main reason why I went to the cinema is the director. I’m a big fan of Jose Javier Reyes’ chick flicks and I consider ‘One Night Only’ as an underrated film.

The movie takes place in a span of one week. It’s a story of different people looking for love.

Iza Calzado as Marga Castro

Iza Calzado as Marga Castro

Iza Calzado as Marga Castro is my favorite in the movie. Her character reminds me of two celebrities who wouldn’t keep still unless they make it in the headlines ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย Iza was able to portray her role with such grace yet you can see her desperation for fame and exposure too. It’s fun to watch her in this type of role. A stand-alone Marga Castro movie soon, please?

I first knew Matteo Guidicelli as an athlete, but I only realized his leading man potential through this film. His pa-simpleng pa-cute move is just endearing. You can feel pity for his character as Tristan when his ka-FuBu suddenly revealed she’s marrying a business tycoon from Hongkong. He was able to portray his character with such charisma. You’d really root for him.

Isabelle Daza and Matteo Guidicelli - Friends with Benefits (but secretly in love with each other?)

Isabelle Daza and Matteo Guidicelli – Friends with Benefits (but secretly in love with each other?)

Isabelle Daza was able to portray a strong and cold hotel heiress who wouldn’t let anyone see her vulnerable side. Her character reminds me of someone ๐Ÿ˜› There are scenes wherein she looks her best, but there are also some scenes where she looked really dull. Makes me question if she just left her Eat Bulaga set to shoot those morning scenes. Her intimate scenes with Matteo was done nicely and her conversations with Iza Calzado is realistic yet funny.

Jason Abalos and Carla Abellana exudes good chemistry as bestfriends secretly in love with each other

Jason Abalos and Carla Abellana exudes good chemistry as best friends secretly in love with each other

Carla Abellana as a advertising executive (I’m not surprised – this is a Joey Reyes film lol) torn between her torpe bestfriend (Jason Abalos) and a businessman Tristan (Matteo Guidicelli) was bitin. I would say though that her chemistry with the former is stronger than the latter. It would be great to see a Jason-Carla-Tom movie soon.

Maricar Reyes as the martyr wife is the most uninteresting part for me. They could’ve made this part more colorful by giving a bigger exposure to Nathalie Hart (formerly known as Princess Snell). The lady looked really good onscreen!

Now let’s proceed to the youngsters Kiray Celis and Ella Cruz. Honestly, watching them curse or talk about adult stuff was quite uncomfortable to watch. That child star image is still stuck on my mind. Beauty Gonzales was good portraying her 3rd bestfriend role for the year. Regal should’ve hired older actresses to play the characters portrayed by Kiray and Ella.

Kiray Celis made me laugh especially inย the tequila scene with Manuel Chua. Desperadang girlaloo! Haha ๐Ÿ˜€ She’s an effective comedian, although that scene made me feel uncomfortable because she’s still a child in my eyes.

Albie Casino as the boytoy boyfriend had less exposure, but I guess he was effective. Special shoutouts also to Alex Castro, Cai Cortez, Vincent dela Cruz and David Chua.

Verdict? I’ll watch this movie again! I was highly entertained with the realistic approach of the film. The fact that some characters reminded me of real-life people is already a big plus.


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