Why ‘Paris Hilton’ is Good Business

Once upon a time, Paris Hilton was the pop star to watch.


Nothing in This World can stop Paris

Most netizens (me included) must have known about the existence of this hotel heiress because of her infamous video tape that leaked years ago. Instead of letting it affect her self-confidence, this woman used it as an opportunity to join the glitzy world of showbiz!

Paris Hilton collaborated with fellow socialite Nicole Ritchie for the reality-based show ‘The Simple Life’, which garnered positive reviews from the critics. I can say that Paris Hilton is one of the most successful reality TV stars ever.

Sometime in 2006, Paris Hilton released her debut album called ‘Paris’. The press and media have qualms at first, but eventually gave out their praises as her selection of tracks were pretty good. If you love singing and dancing to female pop tunes, you will surely love her album. The carrier single ‘Stars are Blind’ is still one of my favorite karaoke songs to sing teehee.


Paris Hilton’s image in the media at the moment is not as chaotic as it used to. I know that she did a number of films that I haven’t heard of, but her business ventures were a hit. The Paris Hilton Fragrance Line in collaboration with Parlux Fragrances is one of the best-selling celebrity perfume line in the world.


I’m not so sure if being friends with Manny Pacquiao had something to do with it, but Paris Hilton invested on a real estate project in the Philippines as I’ve read at Lamudi in their ‘Property Advice’ section. The resort is simply called ‘The Paris Hilton Beach Club‘ and as early as now, I can say that Pinoy socialites will surely go crazy about this place.

I’ve heard that Paris Hilton is now concentrating on her growing business empire and she is also working on her much-delayed second album. It seems like Paris is really a businesswoman who’s also venturing different businesses!

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