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MMFF 2013: Why ‘10,000’ Hours Deserves All The Attention

The action-drama 10,000 Hours bagged 14 trophies from the recently-concluded Metro Manila Film Festival 2013 Awards Night. From the story to the technical aspects of the film, 10,000 Hours offers something new to the moviegoers (at least for the MMFF season).

10,000 Hours Movie Poster

10,000 Hours Movie Poster

My grandfather and I watched the movie. His curiosity about the Amsterdam scenes and the positive reviews he read convinced him to go to the cinema.

Robin Padilla is known as the ‘Bad Boy of Philippine Movies’ and as a kid, I remember watching his movies (hello, Baby Ama!) and he often starred in action flicks with pretty leading ladies to support him. He went to jail and got out as a changed man. Unlike most of his contemporaries, he widely embraced by his fans on his showbiz comeback and had done a number of sitcoms and action series on the major networks.

He had a number of movie attempts the past years, but it didn’t do well in the box-office. The theme of his films are good, but there was something lacking in the execution. He needed a project which will regain the interest of the new generation to Pinoy action films.

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