The Resurrection of the Pridyider

Shake, Rattle and Roll is the most successful movie franchise of Regal Films. By December, Mother Lily’s movie outfit will be producing their 15th SRR Trilogy! It seems like some kids do really want to spend the Christmas season by laughing and screaming at the movie house while eating popcorn and sipping soda.

I’m too early for Metro Manila Film Festival, huh? The movie I am about to share have nothing to do with the MMFF 2012, but it is one of the trademarks of the Shake, Rattle and Roll series.

Andi Eigenmann aims to scare (or seduce?) in the new version of Pridyider

PRIDYIDER. Do you still remember that episode from the first Shake, Rattle and Roll movie under the direction of Ishmael Bernal? The lead star during that year is Janice de Belen. I can say that aside from her soap opera as a teen star, Janice is known as one of the horror favorites in the 80’s.

After so many years, the PRIDYIDER is back to scare kids of the new generation. I remember how that episode gave me goosebumps as a kid when I saw it on TV (ire-remake din kaya yung Undin part? LOL). The new version is directed by Rico Ilarde, who received a lot of positive reviews for his Cinema One Originals film ‘Altar’.

The Pridyider stars Andi Eigenmann, JM de Guzman, Venus Raj, Bekimon, Baron Geisler and Ronnie Lazaro. The original stars of the said episode Joel Torre and Janice de Belen reunites for the 2012 version of the film. Here’s the synopsis:

Tina Benitez (Andi Eigenmann) is a returning citizen. She’s been living abroad since childhood and she has not set foot in the country until now. She goes home to an empty house she inherited from her parents. Being sent abroad at such an early age, she does not have any memories of the house. But she cherishes it because it’s the only thing her deceased parents left her.

However, strange things start to happen inside the house particularly in the kitchen where an old, antique refrigerator can be found. At first, Tina dismisses the incidents, thinking it’s just her imagination.  But soon enough, she witnesses the ref attacking and even consuming one of her guests.

Scared of what other harm the ref can do, she tries to get rid of it but to no avail. The refrigerator is unbelievably heavy. It cannot be lifted nor removed from its place. With some information from her neighbor and newfound friend Celine (Venus Raj), Tina learns about the background of the refrigerator and its connection to her deceased parents.

As Tina tries to solve the mystery of the refrigerator, she also learns more about her parents’ disappearance and death. Her childhood friend James (JM de Guzman) also joins her in her quest for the truth. Together, they uncover Tina’s unknown past and also discover how to create a “bomb” that can counter the evil powers of the refrigerator. But will they succeed in defeating it? Someone from Tina’s past also unexpectedly shows up to help them. But will Tina be willing to risk the life of this person, just to extinguish the devil inside the ref?

Interesting? Sure it is! Watch ‘The Making of ‘Pridyider'” below:

I am looking forward to watching this movie because it will surely unleash the inner kid in me. I can say that every kid my age enjoyed watching the early SRR movies. I can say that some of the most recognized Shake, Rattle and Roll graduates include Manilyn Reynes, Aiko Melendez and of course, Janice de Belen.


PRIDYIDER will be shown on cinemas nationwide by September 19. Watch it!


3 thoughts on “The Resurrection of the Pridyider

  1. Rocky @

    Yeah, I still remember this movie when I was a kid!

    No one beats Janice De Belen when it comes to horror.

    Although, I have to say that the earlier versions of SRR are scarier than today’s, that’s probably kasi, I am old na. Hahaha.

    Thanks Dagupeña.

  2. Odee

    i watched this film’s last full show at Gateway and i have to say that it was hilarious! 😀 i totally got my money’s worth with all the laughs. 🙂


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