Holy Week 2010 in Dagupan City Day 1

Last Wednesday night, I decided the last minute that I will go to Dagupan City, my hometown and spend my Holy Week break there. My grandparents went to Naga for a family reunion and my usual companions went to different provinces.


Hotel Victoria and Pantal River view from my hotel room

I didn’t like the idea that I’ll be stuck here in Manila alone and I felt like i needed to go outside of the Metro in order for me to be inspired to write a screenplay. After chatting with my college friends through Facebook, I decided to pack my things and ride a bus to Pangasinan.

And it was one hella ride.

The bus bound for Dagupan left the station at 5:30AM. As expected, a lot of people were trying their luck to ride in the bus earlier. I went straight to the ticket station, but the person in-charge instructed me na harangin ang bus na parating at sumakay agad. Thank God I was able to ride with no wounds or body aches. What really surprised me is that the bus company allowed more passengers to enter and stand at the aisle. I slept and woke up in Dau. I was shocked when I saw the big number of passengers standing. I went back to sleep and woke up again when we bus reached Urdaneta. Still I can see standing passengers! Whew! The bus driver drives like crazy especially when he tries to overtake. I was seated at the left side of the bus and I wouldn’t be surprised if an instant stampede takes place inside that bus.

I noticed that most of the passengers disappeared when we reached Manaoag, Pangasinan. I am amazed that up to this day, a lot of devotees still believe that the said church can bring miracles. The last time I went there was in 2003. I, together with my high school buddies prayed that we’d pass in the UPCAT exam LOL.

Star Plaza Junior Suite (Solo)

Star Plaza Hotel Junior Suite Room

Then I reached Dagupan at 11:30AM. I went straight to Star Plaza Hotel and I am happy because I was able to reserve the room I wanted. It might sound funny, but I wanted to try how it feels like to stay and sleep at the ‘most expensive hotel’ of Dagupan City when I was younger πŸ˜› At least that simple dream of mine turned into a reality during the break πŸ˜›

I met up with my college friends Iser and Edmon at CSI The Citymall. We consider it as the largest mall in Dagupan City. I used to do my errands and do my weekly window shopping there πŸ˜› We were able to catch up after almost two years of not sitting down and discussing about our respective lives. Though we don’t belong in the same department (I took up Information Technology while they’re classmates in the Computer Engineering Department), we became good friends through ECSSA (Engineering and Computer Science Students Association) where we were the elected officers πŸ™‚

Hot Mocha

Hot Mocha to keep me awake

Three Hot Mochas

Triple Addiction

Red Rose


The two of them gave me a simple surprise that made me really smile. Unexpected lang LOL.


First time in De Venecia Road (turista mode)

Just like what Edmon suggested, we passed through the De Venecia Road. If i’m not mistaken, the said shortcut route became open to the public in 2008. It was my first time to go there and yeah, I didn’t miss the chance to have my photo taken there ala turista πŸ˜›

Pangasinan Medical Center

Pangasinan Medical Center (under renovation)


Pangasinan Medical Center (under renovation)

We went straight to Pangasinan Medical Center, the hospital where my grandfather and my mom used to work. Unlike most kids, I really enjoyed my trips to the hospital when I was younger. You’d see me at the Emergency Room, Suite Room, Nursery and even the Intensive Care Unit. It is also the reason why I would rather have myself checked there. I am comfortable with the place and the people working there which I am familiar with.


PMC Smiles Bulletin Board


PMC Pharmacy


Seconf floor hallway


PMC Chapel (where I used to attend anticipated mass when i was younger)


BP Check-up at the Emergency Room =P

I saw new faces in the hospital. I wanted to catch up with some of my mom’s friends, but most of them were not present that day. Instead, I had my photo taken with new medical staff who were on-duty at the Emergency Room at that very hour LOL.

Iser and Edmon

Iser and Edmon


Yes, I'm in Dagupan, Pacquiao!


Now let's relax and watch my movies!

We went back to my hotel room afterwards. My friends knew that one of my frustrations way back in college is my dream of becoming a filmmaker. We had our very own film showing at my room. They remembered Carlo in Kuya Bunso, remembered the ‘real Robert’ in The 12th of June and were shocked with the script and outcome of Positive, my newest short film.


Fish Fillet with White Sauce


Healthy Noodles Swimming in MSG

An hour after they left, my cousins Melvin and Manuel picked me up for dinner. We had a healthy dinner since the two of them are disciplined individuals when it comes to food. The usual chitchats, catching up and blah blahs πŸ˜€


Dagupan Walkathon at Night


Maundy Thursday Moon =)


Melvin, Mica and Manuel = Triple M LOL

My two big Kuyas also watched my films. Their eyes were glued with my female lead stars, and they want me to cast them in my upcoming films. Well, why not? How I wish they’d consider producing one as well πŸ˜› They left at 2AM, which means I failed in completing this specific project, which is one of the reasons why I went back to Dagupan in the first place 😐


My cousins are up for bidding! Any takers?! πŸ˜›

Day Two will be posted tomorrow! Yay!


6 thoughts on “Holy Week 2010 in Dagupan City Day 1

  1. david.edward

    so ang Dagupan pala iyong nasa looban pa, na malapit sa Manaog? tama ba? nag amazing race kami dati jan eh, from Bolinao to Manaoag, to Dagupan (?) I think and Urdaneta.. hehehe
    tama ba na puede kang sumakay ng tricycle from Manaoag to Dagupan? kung hindi, hindi yan un.. ahahah

  2. Micamyx Post author

    @David.Edward – Ay di kakayanin ng tricycle hehe πŸ˜›

    @Hannah – Sadly, I didn’t T_T

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