Holy Week 2010 in Dagupan City Day 3

This is the last installment of my Holy Week 2010 in Dagupan City series. Nothing much happened in the morning because I woke up at lunch time 😐 Special thanks to Star Plaza Hotel’s information desk person for calling me up and asking me if I will extend my stay or what. Do I have a choice?


Mam, mag-eextend pa po ba kayo?

After entertaining her call, I went back to sleep πŸ˜› I woke up at around 1PM, took a bath and went online to do my usual social networking habits. I wanted to eat outside, but my cousins and friends were busy minding their own business (Mica, it’s Black Saturday T_T) I had to sacrifice. I ended up ordering something from the hotel’s restaurant and ate at my room.

What did I do the whole afternoon then? Well, I tried to work on a certain screenplay, but errr… i just can’t put the dialogues and ideas in the blank MS Word page. I ended up watching some of Liberace’s old videos. Do you know who Liberace is? I won’t be surprised if you don’t, but upon researching who he was, I felt bad that most people my age doesn’t know him. Thanks to Lady Gaga’s Dance in the Dark for rising my curiosity about the Pianist.

Anyway, my friends Iser and Edmon started texting me at around 6pm and reminded me that we can eat Pigar-Pigar already. These two good friends of mine stick to their Semana Santa rules religiously πŸ˜›


Pigar-Pigar Pigar-Pigar Pigar-Pigar waaaaaaah πŸ˜€


Pigar-Pigar How To's at the Street


Galvan Street - Pigar-Pigar Avenue at Night


Patay Gutom sa Pigar-Pigar Mode

I went to Galvan Street, which i call the Pigar-Pigar Avenue πŸ˜› You will see a number of Pigar-Pigar stalls in that street at night. I arrived with an empty stomach which explains why I consumed two cups of rice πŸ˜› If you are curious about Pigar-Pigar, don’t worry, I will write about it at PatayGutom.com soon πŸ™‚

After catching up while eating, i took some photos to share with everyone. Here are some of it.


Advanced Happy Bangus Festival 2010!


You're in Bangus City


Dagupan City at Night


St. John Church at Night

Libre Tuli

SUMMER TULI for Iser and Edmon

Dagupena Dreamer

Dagupena Dreamer is back!

Bawal Umihi Dito

Bawal Umihi Dito

Emo Duo

Emo Engineers at Night


Edmon, Mica and Iser after three years πŸ™‚

I went back to my hotel room at 11:30PM and fixed my things. I was online from 11:30 to 4:30 and I am satisfied with the speed of the wifi connection. I was able to watch more videos (Liberace again LOL), attempted to write a screenplay but ended up writing five entertainment-related blog posts instead.


Sunrise captured while I'm at the bus back to Manila

I left Dagupan City with a happy heart. Though majority of the hours I spent in Dagupan was spent alone, I have no regrets. I guess I needed that time off for myself and rethink things over. My mind needed to rest as well as my heart (gumaganun, o!). Too bad I didn’t finish my screenplay while I was there, but certainly, my realizations and observations during my stay contributed a lot to the story of the project I am working on. Hopefully, I will see Dagupan City again in a movie. I hope. I really hope so!


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