Random Thoughts While Eating Donuts

Guess where I am as I type this entry? LOL


…. I panicked last night. I was updating the right sidebar of my blog when suddenly all the widgets disappeared. The bad thing there is I can’t even access my dashboard! Thank God Jehzlau fixed the problem (though he kept on insisting that he didn’t even touch it LOL). I later found out that the code I entered is not compatible with Linux. Errr.. I never thought the code can cause such trouble. 0_o

…. I’ve been wanting to travel around the country. I won some tickets for Palawan from SEAIR last year and I am thinking of using it sometime in June for Boracay with my grannies and some of my high school buddies. Why all of a sudden I’m going to Boracay and not Palawan? Well, the representative from SEAIR told me that they’re no longer accommodating flights for Busuanga. So there. I am excited and I even made a simple itinerary for the trip.

…. April 11 is my brother’s 14th birthday and it’s black saturday. We usually go to Jollibee for his birthday when he was still here in the Philippines with me. How will I spend that day? Hmmmm… Make me happy please πŸ˜€

…. A good friend of mine booked a trip to Cebu for me yesterday! We’re planning to go there by August.

We’ll be staying there for four days and I am eager to meet some of my relatives there.

…. Bangus Festival is fast-approaching. I’m still thinking if I should go back home for a short vacation or what. Depends on my mood teehee.

…. I am happy upon scanning my red Starbucks planner. I wrote a lot of stuff such as schedules and expenses at January (mostly related to Kuya Bunso). By February, I updated the planner for 5 times only. I am trying to list down all of my expenses and I realized that I am spending too much on donuts and mocha. Errr… I must learn how to save for my future trips.

…. I want to shoot another short movie again. I want to do a love story this time. I am also thinking of writing a full narrative script comprising of 70 sequences.

…. I’m pretty excited for the upcoming i Blog 5. Two years ago, I attended my first ever blog event. I barely knew anyone inside the hall. Last year, I had the opportunity to meet the writers behind my favorite blogs and eventually, most of them became my friends. Sharing my experience as a newbie blogger in the blogger’s summit is one of the things that I am looking forward to.

…. By May, I am turning 22 years old. I am hoping to win at the tnomeralc web design toys contest as I plan to buy something for myself.

…. During my 20th birthday, my high school buddy Maire gave me a copy of Bo Sanchez’ How To Find Your One True Love. I remember reading it during my OJT here in Manila. I also realized that the book somewhat influenced me on my choice of boys. Kaya pala ang hirap LOL. I’d still stick to what is written there though πŸ˜€

What’s your favorite Krispy Kreme donut? Mine is Lemon Cheese Cake and Original Glazed Doughnut. You’d see me drinking iced or hot mocha depending on my mood.

Guess what? I’m bored ~_~


11 thoughts on “Random Thoughts While Eating Donuts

  1. jehzlau

    hehehehe… di ko nga inayos πŸ˜› wooot.. wag ka na kasi gumamit ng widgets.. add mo nalang manually yung image sa sidebar para di sumabog ang server.. hahah πŸ˜€ nyok ^_^

  2. nina

    Ganda ng ending mo ate lol. Original glazed lang, maligaya na ko, though puede rin yung ice cream filled…

    Whee! Boracay! Inggit. Kelan ka pupunta?

  3. Micamyx Post author

    @Ada – Di mo naman ata binasa LOL

    @Maire – Hehe yepyep Bora on June! Kuya Bunso edited version soon weee

    @Ryan – we are targeting June 11-13 sana

    @Nina – Hehe oo nga lalo na kapag bagong luto πŸ˜€ Mga June target ko.

    @Sarah – Magrandom ka rin paminsan-minsan πŸ˜€

    @Jehz – waaaah ikaw ikaw ikaw nyok ~_~

    @Winston – i hate you.


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