WOMEN TO WATCH: Urban Time’s New Brand Ambassadors

Five pretty ladies from different universities were chosen as Urban Time’s Newest Brand Ambassadors last March 25 at SM City North Edsa Annex.

Urban Time

The casting of votes for the Ambassadors of Urban Time started sometime in February and ended just last March 22. Among the judges of the competition were Fashion and Lifestyle blogger AJ Matela, Fashion stylist Rachelle So and the Marketing Manager of Urban Time, Limfred Yap.

So who are the lucky and deserving ladies?

Portia Silva of ADMU (a Jelaine Santos of Starstruck 2 lookalike), Rachel Rustia of UA&P (a bubbly girl who is the younger sister of Kiko Rustia of Survivor Philippines), Anna Monica Villaverde of TUA (the most innocent-looking among five), Miki Hahn of La Salle International (she looked familiar and I later on found out that she’s one of the villains at Lipgloss) and Stephanie Sol of UA&P (a Cristine Reyes look-alike).

The most interesting thing about Urban Time is that it carries three of the most fashionable French watch brands for the young girls out there. These brands are Marie Claire, Cherie Paris and LuluCastagnette.




I really enjoyed the said event. I was able to talk to some of the newly-appointed endorsers and they were asking us about blogging. One of them is blogging through a social network site and she wants to transfer in a better platform soon. One is constantly asking about our blogs and how the attendees know each other. Even the marketing people of Urban Time took their time talking to us one by one and asking our views about their watches. I am eyeing on the Lulu Castagnette designs 😀


Aaron and Lecel with Ms. RustiaMica and Aaron with Ms. RustiaMica, Markku and HanaMica, Joy and Lecel



Another special thing that happened in the event is that I was able to bond with Aaron and Ate Joy. We haven’t really talked for a long, long time. Lecel, my bestfriend who is based in Alaminos, Pangasinan also went with me. She started her own blog last year, but she wasn’t able to maintain it. She is now back in Pangasinan and she’ll be working with some of my Pangasinan-based blogger friends there.

Because of the event, I suddenly realized the importance of watches. I was a watch freak when I was a little girl having some designs from Barbie to Lisa Frank to Guess. I ended up losing all three in elementary that’s why I had a slight phobia.

I currently have four watches here at home: Two are from my mom, one from former boss and one from someone. I am thinking of wearing them again before the battery drains 😀

More photos here: http://toshtengs.multiply.com/photos/album/163/Urban_Time


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