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Why I Love Jade Lopez – The Real Survivor!

STARSTRUCK BATCH 1: They dreamed, believed and survived!

STARSTRUCK BATCH 1: They dreamed, believed and survived!


Yes I really am! I was one of those high school students who got hooked and thrilled with the very first reality-based artista search in the Philippines. I was one of those internet addicts who would regularly post in forums and Yahoo Groups just to keep in touch with co-fanatics. You can ask me some information about them and there is a big chance that I’d give you the right answer.

I am not really sure if you are a regular viewer of the show, but some of its popular graduates of the first batch include Jennylyn Mercado, Mark Herras, Yasmien Kurdi, Rainier Castillo, Katrina Halili, Tyron Perez and Cristine Reyes.

Although the 14 Starstruck finalists were all talented and good-looking, there’s this one girl whom I really liked among the rest. Her name is Jade Lopez.

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GANAP NA BABAE: A Film for Women by Women

Cinemalaya Week! It is the season wherein independent filmmakers and supporters are united to watch some of the best Pinoy movies produced within the year. Now on its sixth year, Cinemalaya offers new categories that will surely make every moviegoer confused on which film to watch first.

mercedes cabral 02

Mercedes Cabral is 'smoking hot' in Ganap na Babae's 'Minsan May Isang Puta' segment

The opening night happened last July 9, 2010 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Being a part of the print media (in a way LOL) has its perks, and I was able to get a pass from the Pinoy Parazzi office. I arrived in the venue at 7pm and was able to catch the trailers of the different movies competing at the New Breed, Shorts and Director’s Showcase category. The directors of the films featured this year were also introduced, and a lot of people were interested with the different themes presented (although most of them tackle political and social issues).

The main reason why I went there is for the screening of the opening film. If last year Martin and Alix collaborated with Piolo Pascual and other mainstream artists to produce the Brocka tribute film Manila, three lady directors joined forces for a film for women by women titled ‘Ganap na Babae’.
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