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Last year, I was able to work on my third short film. It was something that I conceptualized after I finished editing my two previous films (Kuya Bunso and The 12th of June). I originally planned to make a five minute ‘infomercial’ that can raise awareness on HIV with no dialogues. I ended up playing with the main characters until it became a 17 minute screenplay.

The cast and crew of 'Positive' after shooting a complicated scene

The story of POSITIVE revolves around Celine Antonio, a young married promiscuous woman who is about to face the consequences of her infidelity. Is this based on a specific true story? Nope, but it is inspired from true events.

Shena Velasquez as Celine in 'POSITIVE'

Playing the lead character in this short film is Shena Velasquez. I first worked with her when she played the role of Liza, the bestfriend of Jade Lopez in ‘The 12th of June’. She is my first and only choice for the character of Celine. I want someone who can portray a woman with a mysterious aura. I am glad that she accepted this role (even if Celine is far, far away from her real persona).

Alan Penilla and Shena Velasquez as Jordan and Celine

Playing the role of Jordan is Alan Penilla, one of my blogger friends who once mentioned that he wants to work with me in my upcoming projects. Since I can see their chemistry, I asked him to play the role of Jordan. Alan is naturally a good and funny guy. He is also the one responsible in making the poster of ‘The 12th of June’. Hope he makes one for ‘Positive’ Hehehe πŸ˜›

Silly moment before shooting an intense scene

Judd Sta. Maria plays the role of Hector. He claims that he is the new Maoi Roca and I beg to disagree LOL. We first met at the Nuffnang Blog Awards and later on, he mentioned that one of his unfulfilled dreams is to work on a film whether as a scriptwriter, director or actor. He is one of my blogger friends who showed much interest when i started with my ambitious PROJECT52WEEKS. I hope ‘Positive’ is not our last project.

Ada Lajara chatting while waiting for her dinner πŸ˜›

Hannah Villasis loves flowers πŸ˜›

Playing the rest of the supporting characters are my girlfriends Ada Lajara and Hannah Villasis. Ada is present in all my short films and in most of my P52W entry while Hannah is one of my constant cheerleader especially when i am hesitant about my works. These two lovely women gamely helped me out with the production design, transportation and all that haggardo verzosa tasks. Someday, I will make them as my lead stars. In due time πŸ˜€

Carlos and Alan listening to my instructions

Carlos Palma is an accidental actor. I am glad that he was supportive and I can sense that he also enjoyed our company πŸ˜€


POSITIVE is shot in one whole day in San Juan and Makati on a Saturday. I will be writing another entry about it soon but for the meantime, I would like to ask for your support because ‘Positive’ is included in YourIndieFilm.com Online Film Festival! πŸ˜€ Last year, The 12th of June made it to the Top 10 Most Voted Films (July-August2010). Hoping to make it again this 2011! πŸ˜€

The rest of the production members include Diwa de Leon (Music), Raffy Bautista (Editing), Edward Lee (Director of Photography) & Lizz Buenaventura (Storyboard)

Due to the request of my colleagues, you can watch the Vimeo version of POSITIVE here.

Once again, i would like to invite you all to Register, Watch and Vote for POSITIVE! Every vote counts <3 Have you seen the short film? Feel free to post your comments and reviews. We’d appreciate it πŸ™‚

Photo Credits: Ada Lajara, Alan Penilla and Judd Sta. Maria (Multitasking FTW!)


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  1. helen

    hi mica! πŸ™‚ congrats! there were some effects na gusto ko. i’m trying to look for the other films kaso dalawa lang yata yng nasa vimeo mo? pangarap ko naman makapagsulat ng script for a shortie like this. ang galing umarte ni ada, sana lead role siya sa next film mo. πŸ˜€ will vote na. πŸ™‚


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