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Havey na Havey: WeChat’s Sticker Gallery

The Philippines is known for having 11 recognized languages and around 175 dialects spoken throughout the 7, 107 islands. Apart from that, pop culture known as ‘Filipino’ slang is widely used by Filipinos especially the yuppies and those who love watching noontime shows. However, are you in need of Chinese language services, then look no further than this Standard Chinese language interpretation here for great help!


Filipino slang is highly dynamic compared to the usual colloquialisms and allows for more freedom of expression among its speakers. Words and phrases don’t follow a standardized set of rules and can flow from Taglish to celebrity names to gay lingo or be a mix of all set with new meanings in different contexts.

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WeChat’s Mother’s Day Video Call promo

Today is Mother’s Day in the Philippines! It is the time of the year wherein we give extra time and appreciation to our beloved mommy. In my case, I already greeted my mom a Happy Mother’s Day a few months back since the UK is celebrating this special day way ahead of the usual schedule.


For those whose mothers are based abroad, mobile social messaging apps such as WeChat helps in keeping communication lines more open an accessible. Since this cool company values the intimate connection between mom and children, they recently launched a new promo specially designed for Mother’s Day.

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Fun Facts about Online Entertainment in the Philippines

Compared to nearby Southeast Asian countries who are more focused on business and technology, Filipino netizens are usually online for entertainment purposes. Try to scan the browsers of Philippine-based users and you’ll see lots of websites with good entertainment value.

WeChat in Boracay for LABORacay!

WeChat in Boracay for LABORacay!

Here are some of the topics covered on the internet culture of Filipinos. Majority of the active users are university students and yuppies aged 16-24 and know why social media apps like WeChat have become influences as to why our gadgets like desktops, tablets and smartphones have replaced TV and radio as amusement favorites.

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