WeChat’s Mother’s Day Video Call promo

Today is Mother’s Day in the Philippines! It is the time of the year wherein we give extra time and appreciation to our beloved mommy. In my case, I already greeted my mom a Happy Mother’s Day a few months back since the UK is celebrating this special day way ahead of the usual schedule.


For those whose mothers are based abroad, mobile social messaging apps such as WeChat helps in keeping communication lines more open an accessible. Since this cool company values the intimate connection between mom and children, they recently launched a new promo specially designed for Mother’s Day.

By making WeChat Video Calls to three different people on different days this week, you get an awesome gift of prepaid credits to help you connect and share your intimate moments with the people you hold dear.

Video calling three different people and taking a screenshot of you sharing WeChat tips along with your best wishes for your mom on Moments gets you an even more special prize that you and your mom can both enjoy! Just don’t forget to share it by posting the screenshot on Facebook while tagging the official Facebook page at WeChat Philippines. Viola!

Get a chance to win prepaid credits and more from WeChat by following these steps:

1. Make three video calls to three different people on WeChat for three different days. You are sure to win Php 100 prepaid card.
2. Upon completing the Video Call task, you will have to send the keyword “HMD” to WeChat Fans OA (ID: wechatfansph) to write down your information for prize delivery.

3. Win another special price by doing the additional task of sharing WeChat tips to Moments along with your best wishes for your mom. To avail of this opportunity, you must take a screenshot of you sharing WeChat tips on Moments and posting it on Facebook while tagging ?@WeChat Philippines.

WeChat’s Video Call feature is an exciting platform for bringing people closer together. It is an easy way to check up on your loved ones and show them how much you care. This Mother’s Day, celebrate the warmth of a mother’s love in a unique and modern way by giving them a kiss and a heartfelt greeting through Video Call on WeChat.


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